The 8 Raddest CustomCon 24 Entries So Far

Monday marked the beginning of the 24th annual CustomCon over on TheFwoosh. It’s basically a virtual Toy Fair in which toy customizers offer up their creations as if they’re pitching brand new lines to real buyers. For more info, check out the site. Today is day three (I’m not exactly sure how long it goes, but I’m guessing a week). I just went through them and while I really dug all the pieces that people put up there, I did have some favorites. Huge props to everyone who contributed, I’ve got nothing but respect for anyone who takes the initiative to actually make the toys they want instead of sitting around and bitching about what they don’t have. Hit the jump to check out the full list of figures that include zombie MiniMates, really detailed Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and Immortal Iron Fist and the Immortal Weapons figures. You’ll be glad you did.

The Immortal Weapons by Dylan Pommer a.k.a. Rust This World

I was a big fan of Ed Brubaker and Matt Fraction’s Immortal Iron Fist series and have been wanting an Immortal Weapons box set since those characters first appeared. Dylan Pommer, a.k.a. Rust This World. Check out the page to see all the figures in more detail and to find out which parts he used to make these bad boys.

Mystery Science Theater MiniMates by Jeff Stephens

As last year’s MiniMate Christmas Village should attest to, I’m a big fan of MiniMates (look for this year’s version tomorrow), especially the ones based on TV shows or movies. Plus, who doesn’t love MST3K? Maybe Jeff Stephens‘ customs will get Diamond Select looking to score this license for real. Check here to see how he did it.

Dark Avengers by Levit05

I can’t tell how many of these Dark Avengers figures by Levit05 are either repaints or what and there’s no extra information on the page, but it’s cool to see them all together. I like the darker, less glossy paint job on the figures (except Iron Patriot of course), Hawkeye/Bullseye’s current costume and Dakken’s claws.

ZombieMates by Mini-Myte

What I like about these zombie MiniMates by Mini-Myte is that they’re not from a particular movie. He or she just went with their imagination and created the glutton, nurse, cop, autopsy, priest and beauty pageant zombies. I also appreciate how good of a job Mini-Myte did mixing the cartoony elements of ‘Mates and the gorey elements of zombies. Well done!

Infinite Legends by DanOfTheDead

DanOfTheDead’s concept, which he explains over on TheFwoosh, mixes the now-defunct Legendary Comic Book Super Heroes and current Shocker Toys’ Indie Heroes idea of mixing characters from different universes (and in this case, mediums like comics, movies and cartoons) with Hasbro’s G.I. Joe and Marvel Universe’s 3 3/4-inch scale. I gotta say, these are the kinds of figures that might actually draw me away from my preferred 6-inch scale. DanOfTheDead’s proposed first wave includes Dr. Manhattan from Watchmen, Invincible, The Killer from Wanted, a rad version of Inspector Gadget’s villain Dr. Claw along with his Mecha-Madcat and Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Radness all around.

Marvel Legends Of Evil by The Man In The Anthill

The Man In The Anthill explains that his thinking behind the Marvel Legends Of Evil villain-oriented line would come out in 2-packs. From left to right the characters above are Strahlen Soldat, Red Skull, Baron Blood, Warrior Woman, U-Man, Master Man, Brand-Soldat, Baron Von Strucker and Auslese-Soldat. I can only say I’m familiar with four of these characters (and yes they’re the obvious ones), but they look good to me.

Johnny Quest MiniMates by Jeff Stephens

Jeff Stephens brings the awesome again with these Johnny Quest MiniMates. I remember seeing a Johnny Quest animated movie when I was a kid (I don’t know if it was new or old, but it seemed like a big deal at the time) where Johnny’s mom died. I think that was the first time I ever saw someone die in a cartoon. But, even with such emotional scarring, I would add these kick-ass MiniMates to my collection.

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out by Fugazi

Wowzers. Fugazi knows how to make some crazy-good customs doesn’t he? You can check out the individual shots, which really show off his skills over at TheFwoosh. The back row consists of (L to R) Great Tiger, Mr. Sandman (Tyson’s replacement in later installments), King Hippo, Glass Joe, Don Flamenco, Soda Popinski and Piston Honda. The front row is (L to R) Bald Bull, Super Machoman, Von Kaiser, Little Mac and Mike Tyson. I haven’t played the new Wii version of Punch-Out, but these guys look pretty spot on to my memories from <shudder> 20 years ago.

I’m looking forward to seeing the next few days’ worth of entries and will maybe do another post at the end of the week. Hopefully you enjoyed these as much as I did.

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