Ruins Rundown

This was a pretty crazy episode, but it really just got me excited for next week’s finale. Should be a crazy one. Hit the jump for the full live blog.

*Oh boy, I’m excited for tonight’s episode. Not only is it the second to last one for the season, but it should continue right in the middle of the Ruins challenge from two weeks ago (much to my chagrin, there wasn’t an episode on last week).

*That’s right, it’s Kim vs. Susie. This seemed like a pretty brutal challenge before. The rain makes it even better.

*I agree with Susie, I’m surprised it’s so hard for her to pull a rope out of Kim’s hands. Oh man, she’s slamming Kim into the ground. And Susie takes it. I wonder how long that took.

*And now it’s Dunbar vs. Johnny Bananas. Dunbar HAS to win this. Uh oh, this isn’t looking good. Dunbar’s like wrapped around Johnny.

*GAHHHH!!! Johnny won. Aww, this is almost as disappointing as Notre Dame AND the Steelers losing last weekend.

*How crazy is it that of the four guys left on the Champions team, Johnny’s one of the only ones who actually went in and proved himself?

*Interesting theory KellyAnne, you might as well go in and try to take out Susie to get her money, especially if you think you’re not going to win in the end.

*Haha, yeah, SOMEHOW all your guys made it through to the end Evan. How crazy!

*I don’t remember this stuff that Johnny’s bringing up about Inferno 3.

*Woah, the next Real World’s in DC and one of their rooms looks like the Oval Office.

*What is Johnny talking about Susie not doing anything? She’s gone in a bunch of Ruins’.

*So now they’re thinking of throwing the mission so that KellyAnne can go in against Susie. Hmm.

*Woah, Susie’s talking smack about a team of girls, I don’t think that’s cool.

*Yup, I still don’t like Sarah, but Kenny is being a douche. Not that that’s really surprising. I do feel a little bad for her though.

*It’ll be interesting to see how the final regular challenge goes.

*Evan saying Susie’s their weakest link seems pretty short sighted, especially if the final challenge has even one puzzle. How great would it be if the whole thing was puzzles? As it is, this is gonna be a pretty lame finale. Maybe that’s why they’re stretching this episode out so long.

*Huh, it seemed like Kenny was going to throw down with Sarah. Then nothing happened.

*”KellyAnne isn’t a human, she’s a fembot.” – Susie. Hahaha.

*It’s interesting that they don’t have footage of Kenny or Derrick talking about throwing the mission, just Evan and Johnny.

*This challenge looks awesome. I say that sitting on my couch and not on top of a giant building.

*Kinda sucks that two of the Challengers have to go twice. I think I’d have Casey go first so you know what you’re dealing with.

*Sarah got her three twice, KellyAnne got three then fell on her second run, now it’s up to Casey.

*I don’t get why Casey comes back for these challenges if she’s freaking terrified of this stuff.

*Wow, Casey actually went up that thing fairly quickly…and now she’s sliding down like a cartoon character. Now she’s gonna quit like a punk and yelling at TJ Lavin.

*Now Derrick’s talking about throwing it, but he’s not gonna throw it.

*Jesus, Johnny’s such a douche. He put them in his mouth? And then opened his mouth? Lame.

*Now we’ll see if Kenny and Evan will throw or not. Kenny’s not. Good on him. Neither did Evan even after all his big talk.

*And yes, Johnny, you look like the douche.

*So Susie gets to choose her opponent. See ya Casey.

*Johnny talking about Susie slacking off is driving me crazy.

*Now they’re complaining about Susie walking away with the most money. IT’S BECAUSE SHE WENT IN AND WON unlike you cowardly d-bags.

*There’s still 15 minutes left, so we’ll probably see the full Ruins challenge unless there’s some major drama. And not just Johnny and the boys bitching like old biddies.

*It’s a stick kicking competition. Weird. This is the one time I don’t want there to be an upset with Casey winning.

*Oh man, Susie’s killing it. And of course she won.

*This will definitely be an interesting finale. It’s Sarah and KellyAnne vs. Susie, Derrick, Kenny, Johnny and Evan. I’m definitely not counting the Challengers out.

*I just realized that Sarah might be the first rookie to make it this far in a team-based challenge (not pair-based).

*Also, I didn’t think about the fact that the Champions are going to win less money per person.

*”We have a former fat kid, a father, an asshole, a Canadian and a married woman against a fembot and a poet.” – Evan.

*Awesome, it looks like there will be a ton of puzzles in the final challenge. CAN’T WAIT!

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