Ad It Up: JNCO

From Major Bummer #11, 1998

Hey kids, remember when baggy pants were cool? It’s funny to think of the huge extremes popular youth fashion can go to in the matter of 10 years. I never quite got into the incredibly wide leg jeans like these ridiculous 50-inch pants. Today it’s all skin-tight craziness. I’m sure no kids out there care what a 26-year-old codger like me has to say about fashion, but what the hell else are blogs for? I’m more a fan of the in-between jeans. I need a little room, but also like to show off the goods when necessary. You know, for the ladies. But hey, I’m sure kids now will look back in 10 years and wonder what the hell they were thinking, just like the dudes who wore JNCOs back in the diz-ay. Word.

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