Glee Kinda Sorta Season Finale (At Least For This Year)

They hyped tonight’s episode of Glee as the fall/winter/2009 finale. The commercial that’s on right now tells me that it will be back this spring, but I’ll use any excuse to talk about Glee apparently. After my last rant about Glee I’m glad that a few things were figured out like Schue’s wife’s fake pregnancy. Fynn also found out that Quinn wasn’t really having his baby. All that’s aces in my book. The one thing that has bothered me the past three episodes though was that it seemed like the tone of the show has been shaken up. After all the support the club showed to Quinn being preggo, I figured they were kind of like a tiny happy family. Then, we get those episodes (and this one) where it seems like the whole club hates Rachel. That didn’t seem consistent to me. Also, in last week’s episode when Schue confronted his wife about not really being pregnant, it seemed like the show switched directors with NYPD Blue or something (Ben said CSI, but I didn’t want to completely steel his joke). It got super intense. Tonight’s scene coming back from the commercial break with Fynn wailing on Puck was somewhat similar, but not quite as intense.

I did think it was funny that the kids were freaking out about what songs to do. They’ve done like two dozen this year. Sure some of those were in their heads, but whatever. I dug the ones they chose to do and also how Sue got in trouble. I figured this might have been a way to get Jane Lynch off the show to film more movies, but it looks like she’ll be back in the spring. I did kind of want someone to punch her though.

Oh, also, even though Glee is nowhere near as good as the original Office, I still has the same reaction that I had SPOILER when Tim finally kissed Dawn as when Schue kissed Emma, which is both arms up in the air. I’m just a big softy that way. Let’s hope the next half-season will be even better now that a lot of the nonsense is out of the way.

One thought on “Glee Kinda Sorta Season Finale (At Least For This Year)

  1. I determined last night that Glee is (appropriately) the equivalent of most mainstream pop songs: nice to listen to and perfectly entertaining, but don’t go in looking for anything too profound. And I’m fine with that. I’ll find my profound elsewhere.

    And Jane Lynch is getting more notoriety out of this show than a half dozen movie parts, so don’t worry, she’s not going anywhere.

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