Live Blogging Real World: DC 12-30-09

Wow, a lot went on and I already hate someone. I guess that makes it a pretty good start to a season. Here’s the live blog. I have no idea how to distill this down into something more coherent. Hit the jump for the full thing.

*Ashley 22 from Fort Bragg, TX. Loves the president and passports.

*Mike 22 Boulder, CO. He works for a rental car company and makes it sound like big business. He should be interesting.

*Woah, Ashley moved to Texas for a boyfriend she broke up with. She just called DC the mothership. Very weird.

*Andrew 21 from Denver, CO. This guy is a total douche already, 2 seconds in. I’m pretty sure this dude’s gay and doesn’t know it.

*Emily 20 from Columbia, Missouri. Talking all about the Bible already. She’s gonna lose her shit all over. Haha, she’s “making up for lost time” which is Real World speak for slutting it up.

*Yup, Andrew is super friggin annoying. This is going to be a long season.

*Callie 21 from Huntsville, TX. It’s hilarious that this girl thinks that being a vegan AND a Republican is CRAZY. Ugh. It’s also

*Ty 22 from Baltimore, Maryland. Yeesh, he’s like from The Wire. His girl broke up with him as he got on the train to go to DC, that’s cold.

*Erika 21 from Chicago, IL. The rocker chick. Her voice is…okay. “I have so much material that has yet to be recorded.” HAHAHAHAHA. Is that so unsigned singer songwriter? Has a boyfriend.

*She just said she only cheated on

*Josh 23 from Philadelphia, PA. Looks kinda like Lenny Kravitz, but his hair’s stupid. Like Kid N Play style. Has a girlfriend.

*I’m guessing Erika and Josh are gonna get together. She basically described him as her perfect guy.

*It’s crazy that almost everyone’s name is pretty normal.

*Good start Andrew, lying to your roommate saying you’re a cagefighter and a sky diving instructor. Everything he says makes me want to punch him in his soul.

*Oh man, I’m totally gonna miss liveblogging Jersey Shore tomorrow. Also, they’re going to host the MTV New Year’s party.

*The house is sick, of course, but the Oval Office room kinda freaks me out. The president-designed rooms are funny.

*Haha, Ashley the republican wants to room with the gay guy, but se doesn’t know he’s gay even though he obviously is.

*Ashley’s way too political. She’s gonna start some fights.

*”Hey which one of you girls wants me to be your roommate?” Andrew. He then says that he’ll have a better shot at screwing her if he “forces” her to be his roommate. Not only is that a bad plan, but it’s SUPER CREEPY. He’s the worst. I hope someone starts calling him on his bullshit. It seems like Ashley and Callie don’t like him either.

*Haha, everyone thinks Andrew is a virgin. And a Mormon. Methinks he doth protest too much.

*Haha, one of the girls just said she can’t wait for the big, hot, muscly black guy to shot up and then here he is!

*Erika and Josh finally show up and Andrew doesn’t like Josh because he “walks around like he’s cooler than everybody else…and he is.”

*Very interesting, all the roommate pairs are boys and girls.

*Interesting, Emily’s bi and only recently. That’ll be interesting.

*”You can’t be prejudice and like basketball.” – Andrew. Ugh.

*Ty was adopted when he was 5. Me too, but I was a baby. He’s got lots of walls up.

*Oh man, they went to Buca di Beppo. I love that place.

*Haha, Ty just asked Andrew if he’s a virgin after him and Josh just said they banged 45 and 30 women.

*”Oh my God, did that just come out of his mouth? Shocking.” – Ashley regarding Mike’s bi-sexuality. Not surprising.

*Uh oh, Ty’s ragging on all religion basically. That’s super closed minded, though he’s saying really religious people are closed minded. Interesting.

*Oh Andrew, stop trying to use your stupid stuffed polar bear to get Emily in your bed. You have NO game.

*It’s pretty jacked up that the girls are moving Ty without asking him. That’s not cool. The dude’s already unpacked. I’m sure he’d be cool with switching. Okay, maybe he’s not.

*Now Ty and Mike are talking about his bi-ness. It’s cool that they’re talking and I like Mike’s point of view where he wants to be judged as a person and not who he screws.

*Now it comes out that Andrew was lying to Emily the whole way to the house.

*Hmm, looks like Andrew falls and hurts himself at some point…maybe that’ll get him to go home (okay, that was mean, but he drives me CRAZY!).

*Uh oh, according to the after show, I’ve discovered that Andrew is an X-Men and Anime fan.

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