Just Finished: Doctor Who Season 2 (2006)

After burning through season one in two days, I’m sure it’s no surprise that we made our way through the second in four or five (stupid work gets in the way). Everyone said that the second season was a lot better, but I’m not so sure, they’re both at a pretty high level in my mind. I guess now everyone who’s caught up is getting used to the idea of a new Doctor, but I’m still kind of swooning for Christopher Eccleston. Don’t get me wrong, I like David Tennant’s take on the Doc a lot, I guess that just comes with the Doctor Who territory.

Overall, I thought this was a really solid season, that retained all the elements I liked from the first season (heart, doing well with limited resources and genuinely creepy villains). There was one episode that stuck out though that I didn’t really like: “Fear Her.” It just didn’t make any sense to me. Why did the little girl have to draw the people to make them disappear? She’s not that good of an artist, so who’s to say she’s not making every little kid with brown hair disappearing? How does drawing a picture of the world count? In a series that usually makes a lot of sense, this episode just seemed kind of slapped together. Also, exactly how many of these episodes are about humanity letting some alien race trick them into complacency? There’s been a ton so far.

Aside from that though, good stuff all around. I liked the Torchwood “mystery” throughout the season, though I already knew what it was. To be honest, I still have no idea how Rose is the big bad wolf or whatever from the first season. I get that she has a connection to the Doctor, but how does that translate into her being a wolf? If anyone understands, please let me know. Anyway, I’m looking forward to also checking out the Torchwood show.

Mickey had a really good arc this season too. I’m glad they did something with him instead of just letting him sit around and bitch. Which brings me to the two part finale “Army Of Ghosts” and “Doomsday.” Man, that was a crazy ass couple of episodes. Cyberman AND Daleks? Nice! The way he took them out seemed a little easy (especially with millions of Daleks popping out of that prison, but how could you not get a little choked up when Rose disappeared into the other dimension with her not-dad or later when the Doctor ran out of time to say “I love you.” Good stuff. I’ll miss Billie Pipers hotness and spirit, but I’m glad she got a relatively happy ending (though Em didn’t like it and cried a little).

A few questions for established Who fans. Does anyone else think that the two-parters tend to drag? It seems so to me with a few exceptions. Also, has a time-traveling Doctor ever run into a past version of himself? I know there have been episodes with past Doctors meeting up somehow, but is it theoretically possible that, say, Tennant could travel to a time when his past self in the form of say, the guy with the girl hair and scarf is also at? Just curious.

3 thoughts on “Just Finished: Doctor Who Season 2 (2006)

  1. Hey TJ,
    Youtube a Doctor Who special called “Time Crash” which addresses your question about the multiple doctors meeting. It’s also insanely heartfelt, so seriously give it a peep. Two-parters: I dunno if they drag so much as they are generally poorly written. I’d chalk that up to them usually being written by Russell T. Davies, who while the man we have to thank for the modern Who, is generally a pretty poor writer. Steven Moffat wrote a really good two-parter in season 4 that doesn’t drag/suck. But really, you like the Christopher Eccelstron Doctor better than Tennant? Fair enough. But give Tennant another season or two and you’ll sweat him.

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