Just Finished: Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)

After four years of hearing about it, I finally decided to give Doctor Who a shot and it was all thanks to a conversation held at this year’s New Year’s Eve party. Em overheard James talking to someone about Doctor Who and asked me about it yesterday. I had added it to the instant Netflix queue just in case, but never got around to starting it. Noting that we didn’t really have much to watch this weekend, Em suggested we give it a shot and we did. So much of a shot that we watched all 13 episodes of the first season in two days, starting yesterday.

I think Em may have gotten more into it than I did, but unlike Weeds (a show she loves and I can hardly stand) I still had fun watching it and was often able to read a comic or two while the episodes were on. I really liked Christopher Eccleston as the The Doctor and find myself drawn to Billie Piper. I was impressed with how well put together the show is. Sure there’s some bad special effects, but the writers do a great job of getting to the heart of the matter even while throwing our heroes up against walking mannequins and Daleks. I was also surprised at how well they did at making things creepy, and I mean really creepy. The people with the gas masks from the episodes “The Empty Child” and “The Doctor Dances” gave me the chills. And the first Dalek that we see in “Dalek” even had me going for a little why, but their high, shrill voices reminded me of Timmy from South Park which is interesting because they’re basically shrunken bodies using a machine to cart them around. Go figure.

I also want to mention two other things that I really liked. First up was Simon Pegg’s appearance as The Editor in “The Long Game.” I was kind of half paying attention when Em said something like “Look at this guy who’s trying to be Simon Pegg.” I looked at the screen and after a few moments realized it was, in fact, him. I remembered that someone gave someone an action figure of the character last year. Now I think I might need to track him down. I also really liked the British TV shows that made it into the future with some minor (and murderous) tweaks in the last two episodes of the season. There was Big Brother, Weakest Link and What Not To Wear (the British versions of course). Now, I don’t really know a lot about any of those shows other than the idea of an AnneDroid hosting Weakest Link is hilarious. I’ve never seen any episodes of Big Brother, but Rickey Gervais’ character does go on the show in the Extra’s Christmas Special which is fantastic and you should check it out, along with the rest of the series. Em noticed the What Not To Wear ladies and got a kick out of them. Can’t wait to burn through the next few seasons, Torchwood (maybe Sarah Jane) and maybe some of the original stuff. What’s worth watching?

6 thoughts on “Just Finished: Doctor Who Season 1 (2005)

  1. David Tennant’s so awesome as the Doctor that he almost makes all of his seasons worthwhile watching. Almost. Watch the first couple of eps of his 1st season and see if you dig it. If you don’t, check out all the stuff Steven Moffat wrote for the show (Blink, Silence in the Library two parter, etc). His stuff is the best.

  2. Watch it all! But if you get antsy, you can safely skip the episodes The Idiot’s Lantern and Fear Her. There are some others that aren’t quite as great, but those two are utterly skippable. There’s some great stuff comin’!

    1. I’m sure we’ll get through the whole thing. Nothing’s been so godawful bad that I’d want to turn it off, it’s just a little goofy in places. I give BBC shows a lot of leeway when it comes to that kinda stuff. Is Torchwood any good? Or Sarah Jane?

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