Just Finished Doctor Who The End Of Time

As anyone who read my post about Torchwood’s awesomeness knows, the missus and I have been waiting on the second disc of Doctor Who: The End Of Time for months. We got the first disc and sat on it because we have enough trouble remembering the last season we watched and what happened and just wanted to view the whole thing in one sitting on our awesome TV that’s actually being compeltely un-awesome and not getting along with our cable. Anyway, it plays DVDs, so we didn’t have any problems once we FINALLY got the second disc on Saturday.

So the big question is, was it worth the wait? Pretty much. Of course, I think we both could have watched David Tennant’s last episodes when they first came out on BBC America and followed that up with the new season, but as we don’t have said channel and don’t want to watch on our computer, we had to wait.

Let’s call this SPOILER TERRITORY if you’re like me and haven’t seen the ending yet (which, now that I think about it, is probably my fault, so double sorry). The plot of this special seemed kind of all over the place, but it completely worked. First the Ood are evolving too fast, then there’s a cult and the Master’s back, then they die and he’s all jacked up, then the Master and Doctor fight, then Donna’s grandpa talks with the Doctor again after seeing some woman–who I think was Donna from the future somehow, though I have no idea how that would work out time-wise–, then the rich people have a gate and the Master uses it to turn everyone into himself, then Timothy Dalton’s talking to the Time Lord’s senate (not the only Star Wars reference this episode), then the Master turns almost everyone on Earth into copies of himself, then the Time Lords are coming, then they do come and Timothy Dalton waves his hand and the Earth people are back to being themselves, then fighting and shooting and planets moving around and radiation and goodbyes being said (kinda) and then A NEW DOCTOR. Whew, gotta catch by breath after all that.

Even with all that going on, I felt like it was a really well put together finale for Tennant’s Doctor, though I wish he hadn’t complained so much to Donna’s grandpa. Kind of makes him sound like a bitch even if what he said was understandable. I liked the moments with him popping around and seeing everyone before he took off, especially because it involved seeing Captain Jack in a space cantina. I really can’t get enough of space cantina scenes. Every movie should have one.

I guess that’s a good segue into the obvious references in the special. The other really obvious Star Wars reference is when the green cactus man and Donna’s grandpa jump into the spaceship’s laser cannons and start blasting away. Then, later, when the Doctor gets his radiation dosing, there was some of Spock’s death in there. I don’t mean to say they’re complete lifts from those movies, but I don’t think it would be beyond the realm of possibilities for the Who writers to have thrown those bits in there as homages to other high points in sci-fi.

So, all in all, I’ve got to say that I liked Tennant a lot as the Doctor. I was skeptical at first because I liked Eccleston so much and, though I had a hard time caring about the third season with Martha (why is she so much cooler now that she’s not the Doctor’s companion?), the fourth season really brought me back. I’ve heard good things about this new kid and while the missus hates him for not being Tennant, I’m excited to see what he can do. I just hope it doesn’t take months to get caught up with that. Anyone know when the DVDs will be out or if they’ll be on Netflix Instant?

One thought on “Just Finished Doctor Who The End Of Time

  1. the thing i love about doctor who lifting material from other sci fi series is that they can always say they were there first–pretty sure every other sci fi series in existence has lifted something from doctor who. R2D2 is basically a “good” Dalek, right? But I’m glad you guys enjoyed it! I caught an episode with Matt Smith during the BBCam Independence Day marathon this weekend… I wasn’t impressed. He’s too much like Tennant to stand on his own–and his companion is too much like a hybrid of Rose/Donna. But there’s a weeping angels episode! w00t!

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