Real World Watcher: D.C. Episodes 2 & 3

I am a die hard Real World fan. About three or four years back when Rickey and I were roommates, I almost dropped out, I can’t even remember which season it was. But, Rickey was a fan and I got sucked back in. Since then, he’s gotten way, WAY behind, but I’m still sticking with it, even with this fairly annoying cast. I live blogged the first episode, missed last week’s until sometime this weekend and then watching tonight’s, well, tonight. It’s funny, because, after one episode of my beloved Jersey Shore, I knew everyone’s name, and yet I’m still confused about who some of the girls on the show are. As always, it’s the brown haired chicks that confuse me, one’s big time religious and the other’s hooking up with Ty.

I can’t even really remember what happened in the second episode. I’m sure Andrew was annoying and Ty and Emily continued to awkwardly hook up. There was probably some other stuff, but whatever. On tonight’s episode, the ever-tactful Ty made Callie feel self conscious about her weight, which she’s dealt with her entire life. Then, while all the girls were outside having a heartfelt talk about women’s body image problems in America, Ty had to come out, make everything awkward and then stop one of the few meaningful conversations we’re likely to see. Oh, also, Ty and Emily got drunk and argued. She punched and spit on him and then he backed her up against a wall and yelled at her. It was weird, but not Joey from Hollywood weird (by the way, he’s on Celebrity Rehab this season!).

Anyway, there was some scenes of a dance class and the roommates hanging out at a club. I’ve got to say that Ty is really bothering me. He hides behind this mask of “honesty” which is annoying. Dude, you’re not a robot and you don’t need to keep girls in check from their heads getting too big. Plus, Emily just isn’t that into you man. Bird’s gotta soar. She’s got living to do. Anyway, the ever annoying Andrew had very little to say this episode which was a nice blessing. Oh, plus, the ladies are all super hot, I don’t care what any of them think about themselves. Also, I think watching Mark interview the cast members after the show is actually more interesting that the show itself. BUT, I’m not quitting. I’m in this for the long hall. I think…

7 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: D.C. Episodes 2 & 3

  1. TJ, jeez, that was fast. I concur, I think Ty’s a douche. I hate when people feel it’s their righteous moral obligation to tell the truth, which usually just means the truth about other people and their looks/personality/hang-ups. Someone should tell him he’s too ugly for the Soarin’ Freebird and see how he reacts.

      1. Hey it’s all practice for our dream where we make our spouses go to work and we take care of the kids and watch our stories.

        I am also watching Jersey Shore, but will probably have to miss it tomorrow, so I anxiously await your recap. Also, I want to be Snooki pretty badly.

      2. Word on the street (Em) is that you and Snickers are about the same height. All you need is to dye your hair, bump it up and get some weird fake tan. I’m trying to scope out a spot to rent next year so we can be super close to those yahoos for the next season.

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