Writing List

So, much as I hate to post my 667th post on this blog (what can I say, I love numbers) I’ve got to let you know about a few pieces I’ve written around the nets.

First off, as all my Jersey Shore readers know, I’m a big fan of that show. I was able to parlay that love into an actual paying gig coming up with a series of games I’d like to see based on Jersey Shore over on the Clik Blog. It’s been a while since I’ve been able to turn my love into money and this was a butt load of fun, so please check it out.

In other getting-paid-to-talk-about-cool-stuff links, check out this story I wrote over on Marvel.com about a brand new mini series starring Thor and Power Pack. Writer Alex Zalben may have been my most enthusiastic interview of all time.

And finally, I posted a 1o page preview of Raphael Grampa’s amazingly drawn Mesmo Delivery, soon to come out in new trade form from Dark Horse over on Geek Week. Go check it out and pick up the book in a few weeks.

I love all the work I’ve been given, but am always looking for more if you’ve got it.

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