Jersey Shore Reunion

After a fairly boring season finale, the Jersey Shore reunion episode was a breath of fresh air with some of the most awkward moments I’ve ever seen on television. First of all, the set up for this thing is just ridiculous. The cast members are on these uncomfortable looking deconstructed couches in two rows. It seems really high up. Then to their right and off to the side, is a roped off area with audience members. A little more across from the cast members is the semi-annoying host who is on her own circle stage. Sometimes she interviews them from their souches and sometimes she has them come up and talk to her on the circle stage. Oh, also, Angelina, the girl who left the show was sitting in the far left of my TV screen. That whole thing was just weird.

There wasn’t a ton of new stuff, but the few bits were pretty interesting. I liked Pauly D saying he doesn’t represent anyone but himself in response to criticisms about them making Italians and Jersey folk look bad. There was some back and forth between Mike and Ronnie about Mike being the man of the house, but Vinny summed things up pretty well: “He cooked, he cleaned, he did everything my mother did, so he was the mother of the house.” Pauly D says he didn’t hook up a lot because he wants only hot chicks. He also said that the stalker chick drove four hours to Rhode Island only to appear at one of his DJing gigs. JWOWW’s still with her boyfriend. Angelina wishes she would have staid. Vinny still talks to Mike’s sister sometimes. They played footage of Sammi and Ronnie fighting and they were both laughing during Sammi’s “You traumatized me” bit. Mike and Snooki may have hooked up after the show. Everyone laughed at the footage of themselves dancing in the clubs.

But the big news of the episode came from the usually boring Sammi and Ronnie. They made the move to the host’s circle stage, they’re still together, they’re talking about their relationship or whatever and then the host says they’ve got some unseen footage and Sammi freaks out. She walks off the stage and they go to a commercial. The show comes back and she’s still miked but in the bathroom telling someone that the whole thing was just really embarrassing. By the time she comes back Ronnie’s looking concerned and Sammi says she was just freaked out or whatever. Then the footage rolls and it’s Sammi in bed talking to Mike. They seem to have a pretty good connection, but it’s not like they’re making out. He does give her a little peck though. This sets Ronnie off. He doesn’t get loud and punch things though, instead he gets quiet and tough, saying that he’ll dump Sammi just like any girl, no big deal. He seems to be more upset that Sammi always gave him shit for being friends with JWOWW, while she was being friends with Mike unbeknown to Ronnie. They both get upset and they both say they’re done. Cut to another commercial, Ronnie goes back to the couches and Sammi walks off towards the bathroom again. When they come back, they’re sitting on the same couch like they were before and it’s not mentioned again for the rest of the episode. It’s not as awkward as Corey Feldman telling Corey Haim about Lost Boys 2 in The Two Coreys, but it’s up there with some of the most awkward reality show TV I’ve ever seen.

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