Season Finale: Jersey Shore (a.k.a. Real World Jersey)

Well, the season has just come to an end and I’m sure you’re all as sad as I am to see it end. It was a pretty tame finale and even the big advertised hook-up didn’t happen which was a let down, but it was fun nonetheless. Also, I realized something, where the heck did JWOWW keep running off to? There were big chunks of this season where she just wasn’t around. Maybe she’ll spill the beans on the reunion which is on right now. Hit the jump for the full live blog, click the Jersey Shore category for more Shore and come back in a bit for a recap of the reunion show.*Sigh, tonight is the last episode of the first season. It’s kind of sad.

*I wonder how much the girl who left in the first episode or two is kicking herself for bailing on this cash cow.

*Okay, we’re starting off with Ronnie getting arrested.

*These kids use the words “honestly” and “right now” way too much, as in “I honestly can’t stand you right now bro.”

*Haha, Snooki’s all drunk and wants to call 911 to find Ronnie.

*Pauly’s back at the house with his stalker chick. Dude’s going to wind up as a human suit for this girl.

*Sammi’s freaking out about sleeping alone. Vinny’s being super chill about it of course.

*”I had to spend a few hours in county…like the degenerate I’m not.” – Ronnie. Mind you, this dude has gotten into two fights that we’ve seen.

*Hahaha, it’s a few hours past when Ronnie got let out jail and he’s calling and calling and no one’s answering the duck phone. Eventually, after the commercial break, Sammi wakes up and picks him up.

*Yeah, Ronnie, keep defending your brutish behavior.

*It’s Labor Day Weekend. Things’re gonna get messy.

*Haha, once again, Mike’s trying to call a bunch of girls whose numbers he was given. No one’s answering and the messages he’s leaving are pathetic.

*So, Vinny, Pauly and Mike are gonna go looking for chicks. Meanwhile, Snooki wants to ask out the farmboy Keith. Of course, as we know, Snooks and Mike will be getting down soon enough.

*JWOWW’s loosing her shit because she loves juice heads and they’re all around thanks to the weekend. Meanwhile, Mike’s trying to tell her that thin is in. She goes home and wakes Snooks up, but by the time they get out there they’re all gone.

*They all head to the beach together and Mike’s hitting on this super young girl. Haha, he said he didn’t even ask. “I’m tryin to have some fun.” – Mike. Ugh, skeeves.

*Ouch, Keith’s blowing Sooki off, but he’s being really polite about it. “Why did you make me like you?” – Snooki. “How did I make you like me?” – Keith. Keith, don’t you get it? You’re just too damn charming!!!

*Now she’s walking down the boardwalk super desperate talking to guys up on patios who want her to come up, so she just starts dancing on the boardwalk. I think this is the 3rd instance of her dancing where absolutely no one else is dancing.

*Haha, she was dancing like a freak, then looks up and sees her ex who she’s “still in love with.” Snooki, exes don’t hang out. They don’t act nice to each other, they’re just donezo.

*Snooki’s weepy baby whine is pretty awful. “I hate guys, I should become a lesbian.” – Snooks

*The single guys are now on their dudes night. Pauly’s saying they have a bond forever. I think Vinny and Mike still hate each other.

*Oh jesus, more Sammi and Ronnie bullshit. I DON’T CARE ANYMORE! You’re retarded for each other, we get it.

*Back at the house Snooki is crying as the dudes come back to the house. Mike just referred to Snooki as his little sister and will try to sleep with her soon enough.

*Now everyone’s home, except JWOWW. Where does she go?!

*Whoa, JWOWW appeared out of nowhere. Snooks wants to go in the hot tub, but everyone said it was too cold. Mike’s in. This is gonna get weird. She asked him to tie her bikini and he does.

*”If you’re hungry try a Snickers?” – Mike. “Yeah.” – Snooki. Mike says he has to pee and bounces out of the hot tub and says he won’t have sex with her because it’s like his sister. Oh MTV, you toyed with me.

*Aww, it’s their last dinner together. And now they’re hanging out on the patio. Haha, Pauly’s getting weepy. Gah, you’re not a family!

*”Maybe we should get a shore house next summer.” – Mike. YES, please do.

*Of course, Mike leaves by saying he ran the house. Oi.

*I’ve seen a lot of last episodes, but this has got to be the first one where everyone drove their own cars away.

*Aww, Snooks is the last one to leave.

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