Live Blogging The Big Bang Theory “The Excelsior Aquisition”

Tonight’s episode was fantastic. I wasn’t worried about Penny and Leonard breaking up once and the rest of the characters each have their fair share of god moments. Of course, the inclusion of Marvel comic legend Stan Lee boosts this one up quite a bit, but if you’re looking for the happy go lucky Stan of Mallrats, think again. I got to interview Stan once and he was really great, but I like that they took a different approach with him this time around. Hit the jump for the full live blog.

*I’m so geeky I knew that Raj was wearing the speaker shirt from ThinkGeek immediately.

*I love seeing the comic shop. Ooh, Stan Lee’s gonna be in this episode at a book sign.

*Hmm, deciding whether to have Stan Lee sign the first appearance of Thor or the first appearance of Dr. Doom is a tough one.

*How do these guys have such valuable and rare comics?
*I like Sheldon’s idea of having Stan sign a Batman comic.

*Whoa, WHOA, you do not get paper cuts from comics. I’ve never heard of that in my 18 years of comic collecting.

*”So who is Stan Lee?” – Leonard. “He was on Star Trek.” – Penny “Nope.” – Leonard “Star Trek?” – Penny “Nope.” – Leonard “Those goofy kung fu movies you like?” – Penny “No, that’s Bruce Lee.” – Leonard “Is he Bruce Lee’s nerdy brother?” – Penny

*Sheldon hasn’t cashed his checks AND he’s got a traffic summons for the time he drove her to the hospital in “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency”

*It’s making me nervous that Penny’s holding some surely valuable comics while arguing with Sheldon.

*Of course, this court date conflicts with Stan Lee day. Sheldon expects them all to go to court with him. No way Jose.

*I love Sheldon’s coat and tie for coat. Now he’s writing out Penny’s testimony. His version of Penny’s dialogue has to be heard. It’s fantastic.

*Oh Sheldon, don’t patronize the judge whose name is Judge J. Kirby. Nice touch. There he goes again and now he’s in contempt of court jail trying to tell the biggest guy in there “that’s my spot.” He should have just plead guilty and then met up with the guys at the signing.

*Raj, everyone knows that Stan gave his characters alliterative names so it was easier for him to remember.

*I like that Leonard’s phone ring is the theme song for the Spidey TV show.

*Looks like Raj got the Batman comic signed, Howard some Hulk comic from the 90s (according the ad on the back) and no idea what Sheldon got.

*The guys got to go out with Stan Lee for gelato and Sheldon didn’t get to go.

*Penny’s mere presence around Stewart almost brings him to tears. Poor guy. Though she does look really good all professional-like.

*”You’re looking at a guy who could very well get stood up by a stray cat tonight.” – Stewart.

*Penny’s trying to arrange a deal to get Sheldon to meet Stan Lee. Stewart trades Stan Lee’s address in exchange for Penny to go to Stewart’s cousin’s wedding. It’s cool with him if she brings Leonard along.

*”You fanboys are unbelievable.” – Stan Lee.

*Oh man, I love seeing Stan Lee in a Fantastic Four robe and being kind of an ass.

*Sheldon ran into Stan Lee’s house and ended up with a restraining order. Apparently it’s not his first, he’s got on from Leonard Nimoy too.

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