Catching Up On Writing Links

Whew, between losing power for several days and catching up on my deadlines, I’ve been awful busy the last few days. So busy I’ve yet again not kept up on posting links to my work around the web.

First off, check out two of my Maxim TV columns. Here‘s last week’s which might be kind of pointless at this point unless you just can’t get enough of my whit, and here‘s this week’s which suggested you check out last night’s fantastic episode of Big Bang Theory.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a bunch of stories up on and more coming this week. I wrote about Sideshow’s life size Carnage bust and the modern Punisher vs. Daredevil statue. I also did a piece on Bowen’s upcoming statues and busts. If you dig this stuff, keep an eye out.

I also interviewed the delightful Kelly Sue DeConnick again, this time about her upcoming Sif one shot.

Lastly but not leastly, I’ve got two new pieces over on The Clik Blog. One’s about the best video game compilations and the other is about games based on sci-fi movies I want to see like Runaway and Surrogates.

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