Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 10

I can say without a doubt that this was one of the most infuriating episode of Real World I’ve ever seen. Between the roommates not kicking the violent man who pushed a 90-pound kid off a 6-foot ledge out of the house, further screen time given to said bully, Andrew’s equally annoying brother visiting and the ongoing war between Emily and Ty, I don’t think an episode has gotten by blood boiling this much in a long time. I’m now convinced that the high quality of Real World: Brooklyn was a complete accident (they put together a cocktail that would lead to surefire conflict on paper, but actually turned out to be really interesting) and the casting director’s are just aiming for assholes who want to punch each other. Hit the jump for the full live blog.

*We start back with Andrew just moaning and Ty denying he did anything, just staring down.

*You idiots, take him to the hospital. Don’t flirt with his drunk ass.

*Okay, it was a 6 foot drop.

*Ty’s really trying to make it sound like he didn’t do it. And he doesn’t seem to care at all.

*They really need to show the footage to all the roommates. This isn’t David and the blanket.

*Now Ty’s telling Emily not to address him.

*The EMTs/firemen finally show up. This is the least I’ve ever hated Andrew because he’s joking around.

*House meeting! When was the last time they did one of those?

*Josh went to pick Andrew up. He still looks kinda drunk. He’s wearing a neck brace. Now he’s back to being annoying.

*Ty doesn’t seem to realize that he threw Andrew off the ledge. At all. Or he’s just blocking it out. I think that makes him a sociopath.

*In the house meeting, Ty says he apologized and that it should be cool. Dude threw a guy off a ledge! Kick him out. NOW. This should not be a discussion.

*Are these kids SO PC that they don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings by kicking them out? Jesus, my generation (or is this another generation now) is a bunch of pussies.

*Andrew’s saying that he doesn’t see Ty being filled with rage. This kid’s a damn idiot. Now he just bolted from the house meeting. He’s like a beaten girlfriend/wife. “I hate you guys, everyone but him should leave.” [paraphrase]

*Ty says he’s not going to drink. We’ll see you violent sociopath.

*I was hoping Ashley would push for him to leave given her history with violence.

*Now they’re playing jaunty music while Ty goes to his internship.

*”It’s cool that he’s not gonna drink, but we go out a lot and peer pressure’s a bitch.” – Ashley.

*They’re all at a pool party hanging out. Now the dudes are in a cab talking about Ty drinking again. Their plan is for Josh to cut him off, which I’m sure will work really well when everyone’s drinking.

*Oh god, Andrew’s brother just showed up and they’re so weird. I now want to punch two people HARD.

*Wow, his brother William might be worse. His facial hair is crazy awful.

*Please…focus on someone else besides these two twatburgers.

*The roommates are such idiots. He’s drinking. When he drinks he becomes an ass. Now he’s going to tell Emily and she’s going to get pissed. He’s acting like he doesn’t remember anything from the meeting.

*I hope this doesn’t make Emily leave as I actually like her.

*Now Ty’s at his sports internship playing hockey. Seeing him suck so badly does make me laugh…at him.

*Ty’s out drinking with the dudes saying the girls just want to control him while the ladies are talking about Ty’s drinking turning violent.

*Emily wanted to talk to Ty and he’s just walking around the house like an ass. Then he’s acting like a douche, Emily’s getting angry and shouting like crazy. It’s not good.

*Now Andrew’s talking shit to Emily for not wanting Ty to drink. He’s of course douchily defending Ty THE MAN WHO THREW HIM OFF A SIX FOOT LEDGE. Then he has the gall to ask her if she was ever abused as if it matters. I would bounce a motherfucker who threw anyone off of anything in a place I was living. Unless it was a burglar. Duh.

*Now Ty’s saying he does remember saying he wouldn’t drink. And I want to punch Andrew because he’s wearing ridiculous flip-up green plastic sunglasses.

*Mike just said Ty should be a big boy and left to his own devices when it comes to drinking. THAT’S WHAT LEAD TO HIM THROWING A ROOMMATE OFF OF A SIX FOOT LEDGE. I can’t hammer that home enough.

*Now Ty is saying he’s scared of Emily when she’s angry. Bullshit.

*I know she’s not reading and this whole thing happened so many months ago, but, if it wasn’t already completely obvious, I’m completely in your corner Emily.

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