Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 11

Okay, so after one of the most infuriating Real World episodes of all time last week, this week’s was kind of a palate cleanser. Andrew didn’t suck that much, Josh and Ty weren’t in it too much and we got to see Callie actually doing her job as a photographer. I actually found myself liking Andrew as he’s fallen for this girl and has dropped his whole bullshit “I’m in it for the poontang” d-bag shtick for the most part. The problem, which is a lot more telling about him as a person that just about anything else he’s shown this season, is that he has zero trust when it comes to women. He mentions that his mom cheated on his dad, which must contribute to that, but I’m guessing he’s had his heart ripped out by a girl or ten in his past. He’s also said that he doesn’t wear his emotions on his sleeves or open up to people which hint at something more going on, something that the girl noted as being a potential problem in their relationship. By the end of the episode, after some nonsense with a grenade he threw himself on for Josh (to use Jersey Shore parlance) , he and the girl are boyfriend and girlfriend.

Before moving on to the rest of the episode, I’ve got to talk about this grenade again. Her name’s G and she’s this total emo, Debbie Downer (Andrew’s words, though it’s a pretty apt description). Andrew’s showing her the confessional when his soon-to-be-girlfriend shows up at the house (after leaving a girls night out early). He’s sitting there with G, with the door open and his girlfriend awkwardly standing outside the room. Girlfriend–can’t remember her name right now, but it starts with an “A”–goes upstairs and then G proceeds to call her ugly and Andrew doesn’t really defend her (his douchiest moment of the episode). Meanwhile this girl looks like she got ridden hard, fell in the mud and put away wet and dirty.

Of course, no episode can be without its hair pulling moments of rage apparently. This time, that rage was focused solely on Erika, the songstress who expects everything to fall into her lap and gives up any time there’s even a remote problem (like when her band couldn’t make practice one day and she dumped them even when they tried rescheduling). In this episode she does come across some truly bad luck when she’s told, for reasons not relayed to us, that she can’t work at NPR. Or go in for an interview. I wasn’t really sure what stage the whole thing was at. From being a total wet blanket at a soccer game (hey, I hate soccer too, but no need to be a total d-bag about that) to threatening to go home once again for reasons beyond my comprehension (life is hard, I guess).

I was kind of blown away when Callie started shouting at Erika. Not because it was happening as we saw that in the commercials for this week’s episode, but because Callie tells her–and of course us–that Erika is her backbone in the house. Crazy right? It’s nuts how much stuff gets cut out of the show. Anyway, Erika seems to listen to Callie who’s basically telling her to woman-up. Of course, by the looks of next week’s episode, it doesn’t take and Erika leaves. Let’s hope so. Good riddance to bad bananas.

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