So Fresh & So Meat: Meet The Meat

Gah, MTV completely tricked me by playing a Fresh Meat 2 special after the D.C. season finale and reunion. It’s called Meet The Meet and we get introduced to the brand new Fresh Meaters.

*As Kenny reminds us, he and Evan were both Fresh Meat 1 contestants and they have both won lots of money at these things.

* You get introduced to the cast which includes professional sports players and kick boxers and all kinds of other crazy athletic people.

*They’re really excited to see TJ Lavin, which is hilarious to me.

*After being shown their barracks-like living quarters, they all freak out. One girl gets paid money to lick a red spot.

*Then come the trials, first up is pull-ups. All the girls but 2 actually did one. Next up was vertical leap.

*Now they’re doing sprints.

*The idea is that, the Old Meat (?) get to look at these stats when choosing who their Fresh Meat partners will be.

*Now they’ve got to do an obstacle course in 10 minutes. It’s a bunch of physical stuff with a pretty basic puzzle at the end.

* So far, it looks like Noor and Cara Maria will be the top picks for men and women respectively.

*During the breaks, it’s funny to hear former Fresh Meaters say that these kids are WAY CRAZIER. I bet.

*This Sandy broad is way over the top.

* I wonder if I could handle this obstacle course. I’d like to think so, but I doubt it. I get winded playing ultimate. And that was last summer. Wait, that was two summers back. Ugh.

*Now the Fresh Meaters are playing Truth Or Dare, but they’ve got pre-written dares like when you play charades. These kids are naughty.

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