Real World Watcher: D.C. Reunion

I’m just going to straight-up live blog this thing. Click here for my write-up of the D.C. season finale. Hit the jump for the full, and long, the live blog!*Everyone’s there, including Erika.

*Whoa, Ashley looks way different.

*I want to punch Andrew HARD just for the way’s dressed today. Panda hat, tie dye plastic flip-up glasses and fringe jacket.

*Huh, the host even mentioned that it wasn’t a really emotional goodbye finale.

*Ty’s being kind of weird, saying he didn’t feel much love when he left.

*Josh misses Andrew most. Huh.

*Andrew apparently dropped some racial epithets towards Ty.

*Ooh, there’s talk about Andrea potentially being there for the cameras. And his girl had problems with some of Andrew’s relationships.

*Andrew still seems to be with Andrea, but she’s not okay with Callie talking to him. Same with Emily. But Ashley’s okay apparently.

*Andrew wants a wolf dog, HOW WACKY!!! I can’t wait till he gets on a challenge and gets his ass kicked.

*It just dawned on me that Andrew’s really lucky he wasn’t in a cast with someone like Beth, Puck or Joey. Man, this cast was REALLY accepting.

*Ashley got into fights with everyone apparently. She says she’s not a bitch, but she has bitchy moments. Seems fair enough.They said she actually grew during her stay.

*Mike and Ashley went to bed naked, but they didn’t have sex. But if he hadn’t had sex with boys, she would have boned him.

*There’s drama between Ashley and Josh because she tweeted that his girlfriend was the C-ward. I think that’s what she said, it was bleeped.

*Nice, Ashley’s developing a relationship with her mom.

*Now they’re talking about Ashley and Erika not getting along. Hey, that was boring and took up too much time, an entire section between commercials!

*Erika’s in Cleveland with her boyfriend. Hey, she’s actually working on a record. Good for her.

*Josh thanks his roommates for their criticism of his singing. He’s taking vocal lessons. Erika didn’t want to work with Josh, but now she says that Josh reminded her of the guys who didn’t give her a chance.

*Haha, Josh’s mom has been on top of him since he moved back. Wicked Liquid has an EP you can download on iTunes. Hmm. Best comment on iTunes: “i really enjoy this alot because it’s new and fresh…but i really think you need a producer and a better chorus on all of the songs. the only week point in the songs is the raping…but overall i love it.” Wow, there’s a lot going on in those two “sentences.”

*Huh, Mike’s gonna be a personal trainer and got hired to be a host for a TV show. I wonder which one? Here’s the answer, scroll down a few and you’ll see.

*Now everyone’s calling Ty a kinda crazy jerk. Andrew says if he had gotten really hurt, he would have been angrier at Ty.

*Now Ty’s trying to say things were blown out of proportion, but people–specifically Mike–are saying it could have gotten worse.

*Now he’s getting really defensive. Apparently he hasn’t really admitted he has a problem with being a scary drunk dude. Maybe he’ll be the next Real Worlder on Celebrity Rehab.

*Haha, Ty’s been modeling and trying to act. He looks pissed coming back from the break.

*Apparently Josh didn’t hang out much with people, but Ashley had a different relationship with him when talking late at night.

*Josh feels bad about cheating on his girl. He loves sex, doesn’t think he’s addicted to it, though Emily does.

*Man, it feels like there are a ton of commercials in this dumb thing.

*Mike may have gone after a lot more dudes in D.C., but he still says he’s bi. “I definitely had an interesting conversation with my grandma.” Hahaha.

*Emily’s a lot more into girls now.

*Thank the dark gods that Fresh Meat 2 is premiering next week.

*They all seem interested in being on the challenges. Here’s what MTV should do: pit their entire cast of D.C. as a team against a team of challenge regulars.

2 thoughts on “Real World Watcher: D.C. Reunion

  1. During the video montage of the cast talking about Andrew (where Emily calls him autistic), there is a song playing in the background. If possible can you please tell me the name of this song and the band who performs it? Thanks in advance!

    1. MTV has been posting the title of the song and artist at the bottom of the screen while the shows play, but the reunion episode doesn’t have that, I just checked. Also, the reunion episode hasn’t been added to the “Songs From The Show” section. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

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