So Fresh & So Meat: Episode 1

Aside from Lost, I can’t think of a TV premiere I’ve been looking forward to more than Fresh Meat 2, especially after seeing last week’s Meet The Meat. I know that means I have a host of problems, but I don’t care. For the episode I popped some popcorn and poured myself a gin and ginger ale. Anyway, I was pretty ecited and decided to just live blog this badboy, so enjoy.

*The Fresh Meat is put up on a block and the Old Meat are given their stats, that’s how the Old pick the Fresh.

*”This is the sleaziest group of people I’ve ever seen.” – Kenny
*Darrell gets first choice and chooses Cara Maria.
Danny-Sandy (she thinks he’s an asshole).

*Oh snap, Luke doesn’t get chosen. There’s one more guy than there are girls. One of the alumni girls couldn’t make it into the country so they had to fly another person in. Crazy.

*The winners send a team to exile, the rest of them sends a second team to exile and they compete.

*Everyone, of course, loves the house. Paula says it’s the best Challenge house ever.
*Darrell’s got a good idea having him and Cara room in different rooms so they can each keep tabs on more people.

*Jilian’s still with Frank!

*Alright, here comes the mysterious last female alum. Of course, we cut to a commercial. And, it’s Ev. We figured it would be her or Coral.

*Wow, quite the party. We’ve already got boobs and junk.

*It’s amazing hearing the Old Meat talk about how drunk and sloppy the Fresh Meat kids are.

*There’s a TON of kissing, making out and hooking up.

*Katelynn calls Sarah a douchebag when Kenny’s around. I forgot, they were both in the Brooklyn cast.

*They really just need to throw Kenny in in the first round unless he wins.

*Of course, alliances are starting to form. And Darrell brought binoculars. Haha.

*Now Wes, Kenny and Danny are talking in the bathroom. He’s trying to get them to throw Darrell in first. But only if one of them wins.
*The challenge involves the contestants running around in mud trying to grab balls blindfolded while they are blindfolded and sprayed with water.
*Hehe “13 guys, 9 balls.” This is hilarious. It’s awesome seeing them right next to each other and not doing anything.

*With everyone shouting, it just turns into a cacophony.

*Now it’s the girl’s turn. It’s actually more physical this time around. Katelynn wrecked shop at the end.

*Aw man, Noor had a ball, missed the finish line by inches and then ran to the wrong end of the field, got the ball knocked out and Landon ran it back after a little scuffle.

*In the finale, Laurel grabs it out of Cara’s hands and wins the match. Which means that Kenny is spouting off about how awesome he is. Ugh.

*So Kenny and Laurel get to pick the first team.
*Wow, Wes played the game really well this time. He got Kenny to vote Darrell and Car in, then when it came to voting for the other group it looks like EVERYONE voted for Jilian and Pete. Even Kenny’s a little shaken about how much Wes is running the game. Impressive.

*Cara’s pretty upset by the whole thing, but I think she and Darrell will have a pretty good shot. They try to go to sleep but the partying is out of control.

*Cara actually comes out and yells at everyone to stop which is strange. That’s when Wes reveals that he’s throwing Darrell in because Darrell threw Wes and Casey in five times during the first Fresh Meat.

*Theresa wants to bone either Kenny or Wes, she can’t decide. Wes is the safe choice. Wow, I’m surprised that Kenny told her to just go to sleep and walked away.

*Darrell thinks Wes’s logic is that Darrell will win the exile, come back and that will put a target on Kenny’s back. If that’s the case, too bad Darrell’s in on it.

*Yeesh, the exile looks pretty intense. The guys have to carry 60 pounds and the girls 40 during the whole race.

*Neither team gets the first puzzle, so they both move on.

*Whoa Pete’s turning into the Hulk. He might punch Jilian’s soul out. They also might be completely lost.

*Both teams get to the secnd puzzle around the same team, but Jilian and Pete finish ahead of Darrell and Cara. D&C max out on time and move on.

*Cara’s slowing way down and Darrell’s getting pissed.

*Wow, in a shocking upset, Jilian and Pete win! Wes is gonna be crazy happy. Everyone’s pretty happy actually.

*I’m only half paying attention to the post show, but I hadn’t thought about the fact that they didn’t throw a newbie in like they usually do. Very interesting, maybe this will be the upset-filled season I was hoping for with the last Challenge.

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