So Fresh & So Meat Episode 4

After yesterday’s rant about how disappointing this week’s TV has been, I was definitely looking forward to tonight’s brand new episode of Fresh Meat II and it proved to be pretty great, though not in the traditional sense. Here’s the full run down!

*I can’t remember the last time one of these challenges has gone the way I wanted it to.

*Wes, Ev and Landon seems to have things pretty well figured out.

*Ah, Theresa’s angry at Kenny for telling Wes she went after Kenny first. This is interesting because her partner is Ryan who is a possible vote for Kenny.

*Haha, Danny’s getting all pissed because Pete called him on stealing the potatoes he just spent a ton of time making. Danny’s a nut. Now, he’s just picking fights with everyone, including throwing food at Wes.

*Now Danny’s yelling at Brandon, who’s not about to back down. Danny goes to go to sleep, then comes back and pushes Brandon, who pushes back, accidentally knocking Wes down. Wes looks pretty hurt, but Brandon’s still trying to go after Danny. Wes jumps up and straddles Brandon, holding him like he’s a baby.

*Wow, Kenny, calling someone hopeless and pathetic for following someone else is amazingly hilarious.

*Aww, they’re literally hugging and making up.

*I like that Wes considers this whole thing his job. That’s smart.

*The challenge is called King of the Wall. There’s a floating platform 30 yard away from land. They’ve got to climb a climbing wall with these rock-like protrusions.

*Kenny, it would actually be smarter for you to go in second or third because it’s only going to get wetter.

*Ev fell into the water but they still do it in under a minute. Landon basically shoves Carley up the thing, but they do well.

*CJ and Sydney just barely lose to Ev and Luke. Damn, Danny and Sandy came out of nowhere to get 57 seconds. Wes is shoving Mandi up too. Pretty funny. Oh shit, they got 53 seconds.

*Katelynn and Brandon blow it. Well, Katelynn really. She keeps sliding in. Her helmet keeps sliding. She slides down, hits every rock and gets pretty hurt.

*Ryan got to the top and almost fell back down the whole thing, but bounced back.

*Jenn and Noor do the ass-pushing method, but come in pretty late. Now it’s up to Jilian and Pete who just do okay.

*Finally, Kenny and Laurel are up. They race up that thing in 36 seconds, killing everyone else. It helps when you don’t have to push or drag your partner up.

*Katelynn goes to the hospital.

*Haha, now Ev’s trying to manipulate thing. She wants Kenny to think that they’re going to vote Ryan in, thinking that Kenny will let Ryan choose. Ryan’s in on it and chooses CJ and Sydney. Kenny okays it.

*So, the idea is that Kenny and Laurel will choose CJ and Sydney, then, everyone else will really vote for Jilian and Pete. Ryan just wants to get paid, yo! And he said if they save him this time, he’ll vote in their favor from here on out.

*Katelynn comes back with crutches.

*Kenny votes in CJ and Sydney. Well played Ev. I see this coming down between Ev and Wes in the end.

*Now, Ev flips the script and votes in Katelynn and Brandon. Wah wah.

*Haha, good point Brandon, if you’re partner’s too injured you might as well party tonight and not show up tomorrow.

*But now Sydney’s saying they should show up and at least let CJ and Sydney see what the exile is like. Katelynn’s cool with it.

*Ryan’s trying to smooth things over between Wes and Theresa. Now they’re okay again and Wes is waxing romantic.

*Haha, so Brandon gets toasted and walks around the house mostly naked and drunk. Well played sir. Haha, dude even has a few beers before heading to the exile.

*So, they all show up to the exile, Brandon’s drunk and hungover, Katelynn’s on crutches and TJ’s asking them if they’re good to go. There’s only 8 minutes left, so unless this exile involves land mines and Sydney or CJ make  a misstep, we’ll be watching a sped up version of the finale with the inevitable meet up back at the house.

*Hmm, after the commercial they just cut to CJ and Sydney coming home. From what they’re saying, it sounds like they got stopped after Katelynn and Brandon stopped.

*Haha, what really happened is that Brandon got DQed for drinking ahead of time!

*I wonder why they decided to lie. Ah, as CJ explain, it puts them a few rungs higher on the ladder.

*Now, back at the house, CJ’s getting grilled by Wes and he’s flat out lying.

*CJ and Landon are talking now about how they’re not real sure about Wes and that alliance, even potentially talking about starting an alliance of their own, wondering if anyone would join them. The problem with such a big alliance is that, at some point, it has to fall apart or get pared down.

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