So Fresh & So Meat Episode 5

Damn, good stuff this week. New relationships bloomed, old friendships were tested and potentially destroy and yet there were no real upsets. The coming episodes should be pretty interesting because there’s so few people left and there’s only so many spots available in the final. Once again, I have to applaud Wes for playing the smartest game I’ve ever seen on a Challenge. He’s like the Dr. Doom of this while Kenny just keeps winning challenges. Soon, they will come to a head. Here’s a fun thought: one of Kenny’s people wins a challenge and throws Wes and his partner in, then Wes has the people vote Kenny and his partner in. Get one of them out of the game and everything else will be CHAOS!

*It cracks me up every time the old meat says these new kids are too crazy. Especially Kenny.

*Now Pete and Jenn are hooking up. So much craziness.

*”I would die for Wes.” – Danny. I completely forgot that Wes and Danny were both in Real World Austin. Danny’s breaking my heart talking about his mom passing away and listening to the tape every day.

*Wes is worried about Danny getting emotional, which puts a target on his back. Wes says it’s time for Danny to go in and he thinks he can convince him and his partner to go in the exile if Kenny wins.

*Wes’ approach is to tell Danny that the rest of the alliance doesn’t think he’s got what it takes to be around until the end, so they want him to volunteer to go into the exile so he can prove himself. Danny says that CJ should be sent in every time because he’s the new guy. Wes says that’s stupid because CJ will just change sides. Danny’s pissed and says (to the camera, not Wes) that if he does go in and makes it back, he’s jumping ship.

*I can understand Danny being upset that he wasn’t in the conversation with Landon, CJ, Ev and Wes. Whoa, Wes just said Danny’s team is the second worst.

*Jeez, now Danny says that if he goes in he wants to go in against Ryan and Theresa which goes against a deal he made last episode and his hook up.

*The challenge is kind of complicated. They’ve got to climb a rope leading up to a platform 30 feet over the lake. Then they have to cross a shaky rope bridge. THEN they both have to jump onto a punching bag and hang there for 4 minutes. If you fall the time keeps running and you just start over with the time still running. There is a 15 minute time limit.

*Kenny and Laurel choose Ev and Luke in first. Ev falls off the ladder and then fails at grabbing the punching bag. Luke gets the bag, but Ev bites it again. The time runs out on them.

*Landon and Carley are up second and get to the bag with no problem, but Carley falls and comes up just babbling. She comes back and Landon makes the jump but she falls again. DQ.

*CJ & Sydney make it to the bag too. CJ jumps and makes it, but Sydney starts freaking out, but CJ cocks the bag at an angle which makes it easy for her to grab on.

*Wes and Mandy (it’s odd that Kenny and Laurely put them so far down the list) do the same thing and don’t get DQed. Nice.

*Danny and Sandy get to the platform alright too. Danny jumps and…commercial break…he makes it then Sandy starts freaking out. Danny keeps his back to her so she can’t jump on and they get DQed.

*Now it’s Ryan and Theresa who also get the bag pretty easily and both get on the bag with no problem.

*Jenn and Noor do it with no problem.

*Jillian and Pete are up. Pete flips over on the rope ladder but keeps at it. Then Pete jumps on the bag but can’t turn it around so he tells Jillian to jump on his back.  They get DQed.

*Finally Kenny and Laurel are up and also have no problems.

*Gah! Kenny and Laurel won AGAIN?!

*So far we’ve only heard Wes’ alliance’s thoughts on who they want to go in, so Kenny’s side is a complete mystery.

*Now Danny’s talking to Ryan about how he wants to go up against him and Theresa. Personally, I’d go in against Jillian and Pete. I know they came back once, but it’s not like they’re this unbeatable juggernaut.

*Okay, let’s see who Kenny and Laurel will pick: Danny and Sandy. Huh. I would have kept their weak asses around and thrown Wes in. Seems foolish, no?

*How can Danny be pissed at Wes though? Kenny picked him. I doubt they’ve been talking.

*Hmm, everyone votes in Jillian and Pete. Wes says if Danny and Sandy can’t beat them, they don’t deserve to be there. Ev basically agrees that they need to prove themselves too.

*Jillian and Pete seem to think the exile will be exactly the same as when they went in the first time.

*They’ve got the heavy bags and a puzzle to kick things off. Danny and Sandy finish it pretty quickly and they bolt. Apparently Sandy’s good at puzzles. Jillian and Pete take a while.

*Jill’s dragging ass. Danny and Sandy seem to kill the second puzzle too.

*Danny thinks this is him doing an upset but it’s more like a test that it looks like they’re going to pass.

*Sandy and Danny bang out the third puzzle too. They’re not able to drop weight like in other exiles. After the 3rd puzzle Pete and Jill seem to be moving pretty well. After the fourth puzzle Sandy’s dragging even worse.

*Pete and Jill get to the fourth puzzle as Sandy and Danny leave. Pete takes Jill’s bag so Jill can sprint to the line. Danny doesn’t do that for Sandy who likes like she’s dying.

*Cliffhanger commercial break. Who’s gonna win?!! I’m not sure how it counts. If Jill crosses the line first does her team win? I would think both team members have to cross the finish line, but I’m not sure. I assume the commercial break will return with the car pulling up to the house, a leg coming out, possibly a crowd reaction and then a flashback to the actual finish. They seem very fond of that device this season. Maybe not, there’s only 5 minutes left.

*Haha, I was right, though it started back with the race, then went to the van then back to the race.

*Ah man, Jillian and Pete got there JUST before Danny and Sandy. I still don’t take them seriously as competitors though. That was a close one.

*I gotta say, Danny, I’m with Wes on this one. You always kind of self destruct on these things and it’s probably better to go him earlier.

*I kind of wanted Danny to come back just because it would throw some wrenches into the plan.

*Haha, Wes wants Danny to call him and apologize for “acting like an asshole.”

*At the end Ryan and Wes are talking, but Wes tells the camera he’s basically keeping Ryan around so he can have the mob throw him in for an easy win.

*And then Pete and Jenn jump into bed together.

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