Live Blogging Big Bang Theory “The Plimpton Stimulation”

Well, as much as I dislike it, it looks like we’re living in a post-Penny-and-Leonard-as-a-couple Big Bang Theory world. I don’t like it, but I guess I can live with it if the episodes stay as fun and entertaining as this one (though I’d still be okay if they got back together). Tonight’s episode found Sheldon’s friend and fellow scientist Elizabeth Plimpton (played by Judy Greer) visiting. Turns out she’s quite the little sex kitten, making passes at all the guys but Sheldon. That combined with jealousy on both Sheldon and Penny’s end made for a pretty great episode.

*Haha, Raj sneezed once and Sheldon wants him to sit at another table. The guys defend him until he sneezes again.

*Ooh, Sheldon’s gonna have a non-related female spend two nights at their place. Ah, it’s a potential colleague.

*Sheldon demands that Raj talk to her through a napkin.

*She’ll be sleeping in Sheldon’s room.

*”I rarely kid and when I do, I use the word “bazinga.” – Sheldon

*Oh jeez, Sheldon bought a bunch of feminine hygiene products for Elizabeth Plimpton. Oh, and Activia.
*”Please avoid wasting her time with female gibber jabber.” – Sheldon.

*Haha, Sheldon thinks Brad and Angelina are Penny’s friends.

*”She’s here, she’s here, how do I look, do I look smart?” – Leonard

*Hey, it’s Kitty from Arrested Development and she’s flighty. Sheldon won’t like that.
*Really Leonard? You dated and had sex with Penny and yet this woman stymies you? He just coined the term hilo, a combination of hi and hello. Thanks to FanPop for the image, hope you don’t mind me borrowing it to prove a point.
*”Some of my best friends are theoretical physicists. Well, not my best friends, but I know them.” – Elizabeth

*Now Leonard’s saying sleep night. Oy.

*Sheldon’s explaining how windows work now and showing her his comic collection which she can read with disposable gloves.

*What if there’s a disaster that ruins all USB drives?” – Elizabeth. “Well then who would want to live?” – Sheldon

*Sheldon’s got framed issues of Flash and Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane and then issues of Batman & Robin and Rise and Fall of Green Arrow in his boxes.

*Ooh, Elizabeth has a thing for Leonard. Now she’s in his room and sitting in her bed.

*Leonard’s got a Han in Stormtrooper 12-inch figure on his nightstand. The Luke version is in the living room. Just realized I already called the one in the living room out months ago.

*Whoa, now she’s taking that robe off, cause she wrote the chapter he’s reading like that.

*Nice call back to the “Check Engine” light episode. Penny needs a ride to work cause she didn’t fill her gas tank.

*Ooooh, Penny knows that Leonard hooked up with Elizabeth. Sheldon doesn’t believe he’d do that.

*”You accidentally tripped and fell into her lady parts?” – Sheldon

*Sheldon feels betrayed because Elizabeth is her friend and Leonard’s playing with her.

*Raj brought a flask of NyQuil for his cold and so he can talk to ladies.

*Leonard’s trying to imply that he had sex all night, but the guys aren’t getting it. Instead they think a pigeon had a baby, he’s making Lego movies or hanging out with a Japanese love pillow.

*Haha, Sheldon introduces Howard as “not a doctor.”

*Uh oh, now she’s hitting on Raj!

*Raj has the Women of the DC Universe Batgirl bust designed by Adam Hughes in his living room.
*Whoa, Elizabeth just asked Howard if he likes role playing games. And she’s trying to start a three way with Raj and Howard.

*”Go away she wants New Delhi, not Kosher deli.” – Raj

*Aww, Howard broke up with his girlfriend, she was cute.
*Now Elizabeth wants Leonard, who just joined in to show up.

*I wonder if this is a reaction to the BBT porn parody that came out.

*Haha, Raj got the other two to leave and now he’s getting down.

*Penny found Sheldon’s Spider-Man underoos in the dryer. There are over 376,000 pages of image results for “Spider-Man briefs.” I coudln’t find an image of them on the first four pages, but they’re not the ones I took a pic of here.

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