So Fresh & So Meat Episode 7

As you faithful readers out there know, I only caught the very end of Fresh Meat II Episode 7 this week, so I did something I usually don’t and watched it online. I didn’t live blog this one for that very reason (it’s hard to watch something and take notes all on one screen). Here’s my quick thoughts on the episode:

Watching the weirdness between Wes, Theresa and Ev was pretty crazy. Apparently Wes hooked up with his ex Kelley Anne right before heading to Fresh Meat and he promised not to get with anyone else.

The challenge itself looked pretty fun with them going down that crazy slide on a boogie board, but I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to remember the Tetris-like puzzle they had to memorize.

Landon and Carley win and decide to send Wes and his partner in. Of course, Wes and Ev saw the writing on the wall and tried to wheel and deal ahead of time as much as possible to no avail because everyone else voted Ev and Luke in. Should be a pretty epic team up, no?

The answer, unfortunately is “no” because it seems to me like Wes gave up. I’m wondering if he and Ev made a side deal that if they went up against each other, he’d weigh them down so Ev could win and she’d give at least Wes a kick back. I’ve seen a lot of these things and think I’ve got a pretty good idea as to how Wes plays the game, which is generally well, except for the last few games and I’d bet he knew something like this could happen and set up a safety net. I guess we’ll see if any info comes out in the reunion shows or whatever.

Gah, the worst part of Wes going home is that it gives Kenny more to gloat about. How friggin’ lucky are Jenn and Noor and Ryan and Theresa for being on both alliances and then just skating over to Kenny’s? Too bad Wes and Ev made so many bad decisions in Episode 6.

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