So Fresh & So Meat: Finale

Well, well, well. It’s all over here folks. From the previous episode’s exile to the final challenge, it’s all here. I’m just gonna jump into the live blog. Hit the jump if you care!*Whew, here we are at the end. We’ve got Jenn and Noor vs. Ryan and Theresa in the final exile. Let’s see how this goes (my money’s on Jenn and Noor).

*I just remembered that Noor was having asthma problems earlier in this day (last episode).

*Both teams get to the first puzzle at the same time (obviously). Ryan and Theresa finish first, but they’re still figuring out how to divide the weight in the buckets when Noor and Jenn finish. Nenn and Noor leave first, but Noor collapses under the weight and the others get ahead of them.

*Theresa and Ryan get to the next puzzle first. Solving this puzzle means you can loose 30 pounds. Jenn and Noor get there and complete the puzzle first, then book. Ryan and Theresa aren’t far behind.

*These two teams are doing much better than Landon & Carley and Ev and Pete did.

*The next puzzle is another marble maze thing. Jenn and Noor get their first, but are still there when Theresa and Ryan show up. Jenn and Noor bang it out first. Again, Ryan and Theresa are close behind.

*Noor and Jenn calling each other by pet names is super annoying.

*Jenn’s having a lot of trouble with the weight. So is Ryan. The Fresh Meat are doing better.

*Of course, they’re doing that annoying “cut back to the house for the van pulling up” scene and then going back to the exile to see who won.

*Yup, they did it. Cut to a commercial. Come back with everyone waiting to see who comes out of the van, then back to the exile. Jenn and Noor just hit the “drop your weight” sign and bolt. Ryan and Theresa get there too. This should be pretty close.

*Jenn and Noor pulled out the W with Ryan and Theresa very close behind.

*Hey Ryan and Theresa, you just buster your asses to win the exile, get ready to come in last unless someone gets shin splints or their chest explodes.

*Pete and Jillian are SO LAME.

*Landon and Carley are practicing puzzles. Landon’s worried about Carley freaking out again and turning into a zombie.

*Carley, stop talking like you’re the shit. The exile almost killed you.

*God I hate Kenny. It would be amazing if he screws up and loses. Or at least doesn’t come in first. That would be a minor victory.

*No messing around, we’re at the final challenge with a little under 40 minutes left. Holy crap, it’s literally climbing a mountain. For the first leg they paddle a canoe across a lake, then hop in a helicopter. Depending on how you place, you get a head start in the second leg.

*The canoe race kicks off and everyone’s pretty close, though Jenn and Noor fall behind. Landon & Carley collide with Pete and Jill. Landon & Carley get in first. Then Pete & Jill and Kenny & Laurel are in 2nd and 3rd with Jenn and Noor in the back.

*Now there’s another shape puzzle. The three teams are all there at the same time. Jenn and Noor get there while the others are still working. Landon and Carley finish first, they get a 2 minute head start. Then Laurel and Kenny, Jill and Pete and Jenn and Noor.

*Time for a helicopter ride halfway up the mountain with two teams in each chopper.

*So there’s another number puzzle. It’s huge. Landon and Carley are still working when all the other teams come in. Laurel’s telling Kenny to stop. After a certain period of time, they’re told to move on.

*The next section is mountain biking, but the bikes are tied together.

*Kenny and Laurel and now moved on. Then Jill and Pete. And finally Jenn and Noor. Jenn can barely ride the bike, so they’re walking them.

*Jill keeps falling too. Now her and Pete are walking on and off cause she doesn’t know how to ride a bike. I’d yell at you too Jill, that’s a basic skill!

*Uh oh, Carley’s starting to lose it. They’re walking and Kenny and Laurel are right behind them.

*I think Laurel’s doing better than Kenny. Oh, now Kenny’s pushing the bikes and Laurel’s walking behind. I guess she’s not doing as well as I thought she was.

*Hmm, there was a fork in the path. Kenny said to go straight instead of turning. They might be on the wrong path. That would be amazing.

*Jenn’s cramping up and Noor’s pushing.

*The next challenge is moving these cut logs with paint on them and organizing them in the right order. They finish before Kenny and Laurel even get there. After finishing this they’ve got to carry a heavy (80 pound) duffle bag up a mountain. I guess Kenny and Laurel staid on the right path. Boo.

*The other three teams are there at the same time. The order stays the same. Carley’s barely able to get up the mountain. Kenny’s throwing his ahead of him and picking it up. There’s no check point at the top of the mountain. There’s still 20 minutes left!

*Kenny’s able to put the heavy bag on Laurel for a while. Meanwhile, Jill’s being a bitch and giving Pete shit for not being able to carry it.

*Landon and Carley see a puzzle and run towards it. They’re now in snowy area. The last puzzle is another number puzzle where every column and row has to add up to 37. This could be a good common denominator. Not that I want Kenny and Laurel to do well. I just want the other two teams to catch up.

*Landon and Carley finish first. Next they need a helmet and an ice axe and have to basically climb the rest of the mountain. It’s pretty slanty. Laurel’s not doing so well either.


*Gah, this is nerve wracking. Kenny and Laurel are gaining on Carley and Landon. Kenny’s talking a good game, but I don’t think he realizes how treacherous it gets higher up.

*Meanwhile, Jill and Pete get told to move on from the last puzzle. Jenn and Noor are feeling pretty defeated and delirious.

*Haha, Landon’s jamming his head into Carley’s butt and pushing her up the mountain.

*LANDON AND CARLEY WON!!!!!!! That’s $100,000 a piece! I didn’t think it would happen. Suck it Kenny, you arrogant schmuck. Don’t try to get sympathy.

*Landon and Carley come in second, then Pete and Jill get up there. Though, as Pete gets to the top, he congratulates Landon and Carley before Jill gets up and she yells at him. Go back to obscurity harpy!

*It doesn’t look like Jenn and Noor had to even climb the mountain. I hope Noor comes back.

*Haha, while passing out the checks, TJ gets one last dig in by saying he didn’t think Carley had it in her to win.

*Whew, it’s over. While the winners and losers reminisce on the season, so will I: I cant remember another season that was this much of a rollercoaster. I was really high on Wes’s group and they seemed like they were going to do it until the wheels fell off. Then, towards the end, I just wanted Kenny and his smugness NOT to win. Challenges rarely have this many surprises and upsets, so it was a good one as far as I’m concerned. I wonder what’s coming up next?! Well, after from New Orleans Real World.

*Oh yeah, there’s a reunion, that will be a separate post.

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