Preferred Podcasts: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!

I’ve talked about my love of Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier’s Smodcast podcast which is basically just a recording of two dudes shooting the shit, sometimes on the road. Well, Smith seems to be a pretty big fan of the format and has been spreading the love, creating a mini-network of his own, giving his friends a platform to talk and tell stories. My personal favorite spin-off of the bunch has been Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave starring Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson, two long-time friends of Smith’s who have also played the characters of Walt the Fanboy and Steve-Dave, a couple of comic geeks.

It should be said that I probably wouldn’t have started listening to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave if the Kevin Smith connection wasn’t there, but I will say that I’ve stuck around for 19 episodes because I like hearing these dudes, joined by Brian Quinn, talk, tell stories about their past and talk about everything from scholarships and comics to flea markets and tour buses. Here’s a brief clip from their first live show. The visuals are fine but the sounds gets NSFW at the end, so consider yourself warned.

That’s probably not the best representation of the show, but considering how filthy it is towards the end, it kind of is. The most recent episode featured Dave Wyndorf, the lead singer of Monster Magnet, hanging out just because he knows Walt and Bryan (and Kevin Smith too) from way back and shops at Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash, the comic shop that Smith owns and Flanagan manages. They talk about comics on the iPad, how lossy music can be, tour bus insanity and a variety of other subjects.

The podcast probably isn’t for everyone, but I love listening to it. Unlike most of the other shows I listen to, the guys don’t seem concerned with limiting their time. Take the Wyndorf episode for example, it lasted two and a half hours. That might be too long for some folks, especially considering it’s just four dudes talking and laughing, but there’s something about listening to people who have known each other so long telling stories that I can enjoy regardless of who the people are. Have you ever gone to a party filled with people you either don’t know or have heard of? You find yourself in a group of them. Conversation is had and stories are told. Sometimes in that situation you’re completely lost because one person will say something like “Hey remember that time at the lake?” and everyone laughs and nods and you’re left in the dark. That’s not what listening to Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave is like. It’s more like those people are really great story tellers and want to make sure you understand what they’re talking about and giving backstory. What makes it even better is the fact that the people talking are somewhat famous and telling stories about a person I’m a big fan of.

2 thoughts on “Preferred Podcasts: Tell ‘Em Steve-Dave!

  1. Tell’Em Steve-Dave is a riot! I listen to SMOD (Big Kev Head) and now love Tell’Em… Just listened to the Dave Wyndorf episode. So cool to hear about him hanging out with Walt talking about comics. I am a comic book geek, so I love those stories about the old days at the shop. They are making new memories and we are lucky enough to hear it every week!

    1. I completely agree. It’s cool to think about Highlands back then with all these dudes just hanging out who would go on to be relatively famous and still stay friends.

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