Real World Watcher New Orleans “Knight Fights, Love Bites”

Whew, this is going to be a long, yet entertaining season of Real World folks. Ryan is either a huge dramarama or he’s doing this whole thing as some kind of joke/performance art, which is kind of funny because, at the end, Knight wears a green one-piece bathing suit similar to Borat’s. SOO meta. Hit the jump for the full live blog with pics!

The episode starts with Ryan talking about how much he wants to cuddle all the roommates and saying how he cuddles everyone including his mom and brother.

Jesus, Ryan lies in bed and blow dries his entire body. Preston lies down and cuddles with him but he can’t take the weirdness (which includes Ryan playing with his earlobe).

I wonder if this dude is trying to pull some performance art shit on here of if he’s really this weird.

Eric is crushing pretty hard on Sahar, even telling her. It’s kinda awkward.

Now Ryan’s doing McKenzie’s hair and telling her what he thinks of her. McKenzie says that it’s easier to be a bad girl, but she wants to be a good girl.

Ryan’s touching everyone’s ears. Weird. Haha, I’m with Knight, I also think Ryan has an ear jar.

Now Ryan’s grilling Knight about being in a frat (which he wasn’t) and how many chicks he’s had sex with. Man, Ryan’s hugely judgmental. It’s cool to have standards and morals, but I hate people who are judgmental about that kind of stuff.

Ryan “literally regrets” each person he’s had sex with. But last episode he said he only had sex with his first girlfriend. Hmm…holes in the story.

Jemmye’s never had sex with a white guy. Knight wants to be the first one.

There should be an award for best reality show editing. Or maybe an entire award show dedicated to it.

Haha, Jemmye and Knight are drunk talking about them having sex out at a club. I don’t know why I don’t get the creepy vibe from Knight. He just makes me laugh, like a less over-the-top situation.

Sahar’s all over Eric out at the club. She lays a kiss on him. 
Afterwards, Preston lies down with Ryan for a cuddle and ear fondling. The other housemates are looking in and laughing at them. Hmm, this might lead to another Ryan blow up because they’re laughing at him.

The next morning Eric and Sahar kissing at the club is the main topic of conversation.
This night Ryan’s heading out with Ashlee and Jemmye, but none of the remembered to bring a key and Jemmye has to pee. Ryan jumps the fence to open the door for them and then runs off saying his shoulder hurts. How do you hurt your shoulder climbing a fence? Both girls say he’s just drama. I agree.

Jemmye’s accent is really the worst.

Haha, Knight knows all about shoulder problems and Ryan’s making a big deal out of nothing. Eric mentions calling a cab so Ryan can go to the hospital. As he leaves everyone makes fun of him.
They’ve said the actual address of the house a few times which is kinda strange.

Eric says Ryan’s shoulder popped and it cost him $300. Knight says there being pain pills in the house isn’t a big deal.

Knight’s asking Ryan about it, he said nothing happened and that he’s wearing a sling because he’s faking. Knight gives him shit for being a weirdo and Ryan loses it again, even trying to front on him. Ryan says he’ll never talk to Knight again.
I’m still thinking Ryan might be trying a little too hard. Either that or he’s one of the more insecure lameos ever to be on Real World.

The next day is clean up day. We’ll see how long this lasts. Ryan gets up seemingly okay and not wearing his sling, but continues saying he doesn’t care about Knight as a person. Knight doesn’t give a shit.

Ryan gets his prescription which has codeine in it. Eric asks if he’s in that much pain and he says basically “not anymore.” Eric warns him not to drink while on them, Ryan says he won’t and that he might only take half of them.

Knight and Ashlee go for a drive and she asks him about going to rehab. He says he doesn’t want to go back to being on pain meds. He does say that he

It’s night again and they’re out at the club. Sahar’s telling Eric that she’s got a boyfriend and doing a complete 180 from an earlier outing when they kissed.

True to form, Ryan bitches about Knight to one of the girls out at the club and she doesn’t seem to care.

Back at the house, Sahar says she loves her boyfriend Pablo and Eric’s saying she doesn’t know what love is. He’s puppy dog for this girl. Eric says he wants Sahar to stop talking to him and she says “Fine with me,” which looks like it breaks his heart.
There’s lots of talk between Jemmye and Knight about them hooking up. They go to the confessional where she shows him her vagina tattoo then they jump into bed. Preston wakes up after her bra gets thrown on him. HIs laughter and farting leads her to leave. Did they hook up? Typing this damn live blog makes me miss things.
WHAT?! Jemmye doesn’t have any birth control?! Look out Knight.

Sahar just told the camera that she didn’t “come here to be in a relationship/to have a boyfriend” but she’s got Pablo back home. This girl likes to play some games.

Ashlee schools Knight in some b-ball. She does play in college.

Uh oh, it’s a girls night out. Ryan’s gonna get sad.

HAHAHA, Eric just said “We forgave slavery” to Ryan about his beef with Knight, to which Ryan returns with something like “This was serious and he hasn’t apologized.”

They all go out, Knight apologizes and everything’s okay.
Back at the house Knight puts on a Vampirella/Borat-like bathing suit. It’s odd.
“If he’s going to be my first white boy, I’m going to be very very drunk.” – Jemmye. Hahaha.

Apparently Ryan can’t just accept an apology because while Knight’s outside telling everyone he apologized and Ryan’s inside putting his bare ass on Knight’s bed. Oi.

2 thoughts on “Real World Watcher New Orleans “Knight Fights, Love Bites”

  1. Hey, so do you think ryan is gay??? cause sometimes hes bitching about preston, then they cuddle??????? i just dont get it… but if ryan was gay do you think eventually he’ll stop bitching or still cause all the drama???

    1. I’m leaning towards yes. Either that or he’s just way WAY insecure about pretty much every aspect of his life. I’m guessing it’s going to be something like Stephen from Real World Seattle where he rages against the very idea of being gay and then shows up at a reunion years later with a boyfriend.

      Either that or he’s faking the whole thing.

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