Real World Watcher New Orleans “Superbrawl 2010”

Sweet Christmas, where will this episode go? By the “Previously On” segment, I would assume we’re getting a blow-up between Ryan and Preston as well as the fallout of Jemmye and Knight hooking up. Let’s watch…

It’s still Mardi Gras, of course. I assume it’s like a 7 month holiday there.

At some party, Jemmye just pulled Knight into the bathroom and they proceed to have sex. That’s 1 minute into the episode with Ryan, Eric and Ashlee outside complaining. Ashlee walks in on them.
The Super Bowl’s coming up and the roommates are outside tossing the old Nerfskin around.

Preston’s telling his coming out story. His senior year of high school, he had fooled around with some guy from another school, he told a few people and one of them started telling everyone so he jumped up on a desk and said he was gay and he didn’t care who knew.

Knight thinks that Ryan thinks he might be gay because everyone calls him gay. Also he (Knight) got kissed by his best friend once.

Ryan’s still upset that Preston thinks he might be gay. Dude, you’re more obviously gay than the actual gay guy in the house.

Looks like Jemmye and Knight are just continually hooking up, any time and anywhere. Jemmye says she doesn’t do relationships.

Ashlee’s talking about wanting to be on the radio. She found a station called WWOZ and she’s heading over there with Preston to see if they can be DJs.
Preston wants to become a TV personality and sees this as a step towards that. It would be his first actual foot in the door.

The WWOZ guy says they’ve got a thing called Street Talk that they might be good for. Interesting. Each week they’ll have 5 minutes and a different topic.

Whoa, Big Thang sent Preston an email with a pic of him naked and a subject like “Remember Me?” or some such. Preston will not respond.

Knight typed “We’re going to call you little thang now because we saw Knight’s and it’s way bigger.”

The roommates volunteered for the dog parade. They’re pushing a King and Queen Barkus float. Preston and Ashlee are interviewing people. It’s the same day as the Super Bowl.
Whoa, Ryan just said “I hate that fag,” about Big Thang because BT said Ryan was gay. Everyone gets pretty skeeved out, Preston’s especially pissed. Meanwhile, they’re at the drive-in, all them, in a van. Whoa, now Ryan called Preston a fag.
Back at the house, Ryan’s all crazy. He calls his brother and says he’s going to beat Preston’s ass. We’ll see. He says the Preston keeps calling him out for being gay, but I don’t see that happening. His brother’s telling him to relax.

Knight comes in and tells him he just needs to know his boundaries with Preston. Good advice. I’m pretty sure he’s drunk too.

Also, Ryan, bro, there are all kinds of pings on the ol’ gaydar with you. You just need to deal with that, own it and move on. Preston’s right, it just means he’s not comfortable with himself.

I agree with the missus, in a few years at a reunion, Ryan will be there all out and proud like Stephen from Seattle.

Haha, “He put in work.” – Jemmye regarding Knight.

Haha, Preston and Ashlee go back and realize they had no idea how to use their recorder and didn’t get anything from the dog parade. Rookie effing mistake!
In any other town, the presence of a camera crew during the Super Bowl would lead to shit talking.

Ashlee wants to watch the game. Sahar’s flirting with Eric. Apparently Sahar said that if the Saints won, she’s make out with him in public.

McKenzie’s getting pretty drunk, like almost falling over at the bar. She says she doesn’t need water and the guy she’s talking to says she doesn’t need any. Not cool Dom.

Maxwell shows up and kisses Preston. Preston gets kicked out of the bar because Maxell tried to get in and he’s 20. For some reason they won’t let him back into the bar. He thinks it’s because they saw him kiss Maxwell. Also, it’s the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Not cool at all. Dude’s outside getting bummed out because it reminds him of high school and people being assholes. I feel for him.
Ashlee comes outside and gets him back inside after talking to the bouncer. Good on her and the other girls for helping. The Saints win, of course, and everything goes NUTS. Is this the first time the Real World kids have been in the same town as a major sports victory? It is according to my memory.

Sahar honors her part of the deal and makes out with Eric outside.
Shit, for a second, I thought the music was gunfire.

Oof, McKenzie’s feeling it. This Dom dude keeps ordering her shots even though she says she doesn’t want another one. She even tells the bartender she doesn’t want one and he just leaves it there.

Preston and Ashlee go after McKenzie as she wanders home drunk with Dom. Preston confronts her, she argues with him and goes with Dom.

Dom’s an extreme creep. That’s rape, yo. Though maybe the laws are different down south…

So McKenzie and Dom go to another bar that’s almost empty and none of her roommates are at. He’s trying to get more drinks in her, but she takes a taxi home. Whew. That was a close one. She gets home before Preston and Ashlee.
McKenzie looks like an angry Mogwai when she’s drunk. She can’t talk in complete sentences.

Haha, Ashlee’s giving Knight shit about being married/dating Jemmye. She’s really funny. I think I could hang out with her.

Whoa, McKenzie was on birth control, then got off it when they broke up, then got back on after she started blacking out from drinking. She says all her friends and family black out like that. That not normal.

Jemmye wanders about her self control when it comes to sex but not drinking. She responds: “I really like alcohol.” – McKenzie

I don’t care what McKenzie thinks, blacking out completely sounds like an excuse to be bad, because she’s always saying how much easier it is to be a bad girl than a good girl.

Everyone thinks Ryan is a bad roommate because he’s messy and inconsiderate. He’s the one who doesn’t like to clean. He, of course, reacts like a total douche about it. This pisses Preston off and he confronts him about it.

Ryan gives him the silent treatment like a child. THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE LIVING WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

I think Preston just called Ryan a fag. It was bleeped. I can’t tell.

Haha, Preston just keeps railing against him. Ryan’s response is to say that he’s only gay because he couldn’t get girls so he turned gay.

Preston says something like “keep wearing those shorts that I rubbed my ass on.” Ryan wipes Preston’s smokes on his ass looking like a serial killer. Meanwhile, Preston pees on Ryan’s tooth brush. Ryan thinks he’s all clever, but let’s be real, butt chemicals don’t hold a candle to what’s already in cigarettes. Meanwhile, you’ll have something that was in a penis in your mouth. BURN!Jesus, I want to punch the collective RJ Burger machine in the show. What an absolute piece of shit show.

Haha, out at a club, Jemmye asks Ryan where Knight is (he’s right behind her, but she doesn’t see him), Ryan says she went outside with some girl (which he didn’t) and she walks all around the bar trying to find him. This is definitely a relationship. She just dumped a whole beer on his head because she thought it was some girl’s. She says it’s not a relationship. I beg to differ.
“The next fat girl that talks to him gets hit,” – drunk Jemmye. She keeps saying it’s not a relationship thing, just that she’s protective of her friends.

While drunk in the confessional, he tells her that he wants to be with her, she says she doesn’t trust girls, but trusts him. They leave to go have sex.
The next morning he’s talking to Sahar, telling her that he said that stuff to Jemmye to sound good, not to sleep with her. Shit’s getting complicated bro.

Preston and Jemmye are talking about using the word fag, he used to get called that in high school and he doesn’t like it. He said it really bothered him when Ryan used it on him.

Gahhh, McKenzie and Eric are talking about Preston peeing on Ryan’s toothbrush while they’re showing him using the toothbrush. I am literally cringing.

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