Real World Watcher New Orleans: Reunion

Jeepers, these reunion episodes are really hard to keep up on when it comes to liveblogging. SO MUCH gets said in the taped interviews and on stage, that I’m sure I missed some stuff. Here’s a few main points: Ryan is still a dick, but he claims to have changed a lot thanks to the experience. Sahar comes off as kind of an ass and is still with Pablo (yech). Jemmye and Knight are still together and living in New Orleans. McKenzie was surprisingly ready to throw down with people. Hit the jump for ALL the gory details. Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans: Reunion

Real World Watcher New Orleans Season Finale “Au Revoir Nawlins”

Here you go, the very last episode of one of the most tumultuous seasons of Real World in a long time (or at least the most personally frustrating ones). I’m impressed with the non-Ryan roommates for not only volunteering their time and trying to make a difference, but also for making some personal, emotional improvements. With all that, hit the jump for the live blog! Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans Season Finale “Au Revoir Nawlins”

Real World Watcher New Orleans “Over Knight”

Tonight’s episode of Real World New Orleans should have been a ton of fun because it’s the first episode since that cankerous mole Ryan was removed from the show, but drama between Knight and Jemmye and Sahar and her loser boyfriend Pablo king of brought everything down. I didn’t realize this, but this is the second to last episode of the season and from the “next week on” section, it looks like Ryan will be back. ONLY ONE EPISODE WITHOUT THAT DOUCHE?! Uncool MTV, uncool. Anyway, hit the jump to see what this picture means and see what else went down on the episode. Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans “Over Knight”

Real World Watcher New Orleans Episode 10

Wow. Well, this was certainly an intense episode of Real World, but hopefully things will calm down after this. I’m trying to decide if I should spoil what happens at the end or make you read the live blog. The episode is pretty much split between Ryan being an even more annoying uber-douche with his equally awful brother and cousin (referred to as Brother and Cousin, which is stupid, but was easy enough to take notes of) and Preston deciding if he’s ready to really date a dude named Marty. I’ve decided not to spoil it, so read (or scroll) on! Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans Episode 10

Real World Watcher New Orleans Episode 9 “Fired”

Tonight’s the big drug episode! Someone’s stealing Ashlee’s pain pills. Everyone suspects Knight, but Ryan does act like a complete weirdo. Or it could be someone completely different! I’m guessing MTV will hold off on most of this until the end and it will carry over into the next episode. I’ve got my beer and popcorn, let’s watch!

10:00 pm- Haha, the recap is awesome because it’s showing all of Ryan’s weird traits and reminding us that Knight had a drug problem. Well done MTV.

10:01 pm – Ryan notices a dead fish in the aquarium, so he pulls out the fish with grill tongs and then cooks it on the stove. Remember, this is the same dude who threw up when Knight ate a bug. That’s some highly sketchy and all-over-the-place behavior. Knight eats it with him. “It tastes like a bluegill.” – Knight.

10:03pm – Ashlee is freaked out by Ryan. Ryan responds by being really strange back to her. You really need to watch the episode to see how weird the kid is.

10:04pm – Out at a club, Ryan starts serving shots. I have no idea what’s going on. They’re throwing bones outside and he has a crazy look. Then he asks Eric to watch his back cause he’s drunk and tells McKenzie he’s losing his mind.

10:05pm – In the van on the way back, Ryan starts punching the seat of the van, which freaks Jemmye out. Then he starts banging his head against the window. Dude’s nuts. “He’s so weird that it’s hard to find out why he does what he does.” – Eric. Good call, dude.

10:06pm – Sahar and Ryan are in a bed. He’s banging his head on the wall. He tells her she has an extreme OCD. He tells the camera that it’s been getting really bad lately. She tells him she’ll go with him to see someone. He doesn’t want to tell the other roommates because he doesn’t want them to hold it against him. Not a bad plan.

10:08pm – They show us point blank on the night vision cameras, Ryan walking into Ashlee’s room and taking something from under her bed, probably her pain pills.

10:09pm – Knight heard Ryan rummaging through drawers and cabinets. Then Ashlee says she had her tonsils taken out and had 6 Percocets left over and now they’re all gone.

10:10pm – Now Ryan is saying that Knight asked him for a Percocet. This leads to Ashlee asking Knight, but he’s acting stand-offish. IT’S A MYSTERY!

10:11pm – Jemmye doesn’t like Ryan and thinks he could be a bad person for Knight to have in his life.

10:16pm – More fish have died, but since McKenzie finds them, they get buried instead of eaten. She then says a prayer over them.

10:17pm – Now Ryan’s vacuuming with a Dyson and wants it to suck Eric’s nipple and Knight’s testicle. Both allow this! Gah. Then Ryan wants to do it one more time. Knight seems to be getting tired of his bullshit, but still playing along a little. It’s almost like Ryan has dirt on Knight that he doesn’t want to get out and will go along with all this stupid nonsense because of it.

Ashlee’s talking to her mom on the phone. She doesn’t want to believe that Knight took them but nice tolerant mom says “A druggie’s a druggie.”

10:18pm – Sahar’s friend Lila comes to visit. She looks like an actress, but I can’t nail down who.

10:19pm – Eric’s doing stand-up at a club, material based at least partly on the show. Sahar’s talking abut getting on stage at some point. Hasn’t happened yet. Don’t lose your opportunity, chick!

10:20pm – They’re at a club again, Jemmye doesn’t like Knight and Ryan hanging out. Ryan drives home, but he looked drunk. It’s hard to tell if he’s being drunk or crazy, I guess. Jemmye and Ryan start saying shit back and forth about being country and being a hair dresser. Once Ryan says that Jemmye needs to stop having her dad send her money, she slaps him. He stops the car in the middle of the road and everyone else has to convince him to keep driving.

10:21pm – Back at the house, Jemmye’s still giving Ryan shit and then talks to Knight about Ryan saying that Knight’s been taking the drugs. Knight doesn’t seem to care.

10:26pm – Another fish is dead. They just float there sideways. Maybe that’s just how those fish are. Shouldn’t they float to the top when they’re dead?

10:28pm – Sahar and her friend are talking about how things are different back home. I gotta say, it matters less where you come from, and more how you are because of it.

Ryan found someone to talk to named Scott about his OCD. I’m still not convinced this isn’t all an act.

10:29pm – Sahar hooked up with some local musicians. They brought over some instruments to play with her at the house. It’s pretty cool. The other roommates are just sitting around watching them. That’s right, they haven’t seen her sing.

McKenzie makes a good point: Sahar’s just kind of singing along with the singer lady, but she’s holding back.

10:31pm – Jemmye’s in the car with Sahar and Ashlee. They’re all wondering why Knight isn’t calling Ryan out and saying he didn’t take the pills.

10:32pm – Knight and Sahar sound a little buzzed and are tossing insults back and forth. Sahar says something about him taking Percocet and he got SUPER pissed. He didn’t say thing one to Ryan and he said some pretty hurtful shit to her. Then he makes fun of her singing. I’ve got to say that’s fair. Then Ryan hugs her in the bathroom. Weird.

10:37pm – It’s the next day and Preston’s none too impressed with Knight giving Sahar shit. Maybe this will actually kick her in the ass. Ryan keeps getting close to her. It’s weird. Like he’s trying to get in good with Knight’s enemy to have someone believe that they both took the pills. He’s like a super villain!

10:39pm – Knight, McKenzie, Preston, Jemmye and Ashlee head to the mission to help out. Loretta’s talking things out with Knight, telling him he needs to choose how he reacts to people better. It’s rare for the Real Worlders to have an older voice of reason around, I like her. It’s a good element.

10:41pm – Knight takes a drug test and it’s negative for everything.

Preston didn’t know about Sahar bringing up the drug thing with Knight. Where has this dude been?

10:42pm – Without actually confronting him, Knight tells the camera that he proved that Ryan was lying and that he wants to move on. He’ll yell at girls, one of which he’s dating, but he won’t give the skinny blond hairdresser some shit? More support to my Ryan-has-dirt-on-Knight theory.

10:43pm – Ryan is really making me angry. He must have been infuriating to live with. He comes down and starts singing to Sahar. Sounds like she’s singing the next day.

The taxi comes to pick her friend up, Lila will be missing her performance.

10:45pm – Now Sahar’s questioning Knight to Ashlee saying she doesn’t know how long Percocet will stay in your system or how long ago Knight could have taken the pills. She also says she doesn’t know when to believe Ryan. Then they show night vision footage of Ryan having trouble sleeping that looks like something out of Exorcist.

10:48pm – Ryan calls his therapist and cancels the appointment. Big shocker there. IT’S ALL A RUSE!

10:49pm – Sahar’s getting ready to leave for her gig. Knight says he’ll go. Will she chicken out like Ryan did?

10:50pm – Knight gets up and introduces Sahar as Hollywood to the crowd. She does okay, but I think she sounded better in Theresa Andersson’s kitchen. She totally forgets the words, but just kind of goes along with it. Ryan looks super embarrassed. She kind of scats along to it and gets through it, but it wasn’t super pretty.

10:52pm – Haha, then Eric gets up and freestyles about Sahar with the jazz band. Haha. He even throws Pablo in. Hilarious. Good on him.

10:57pm – Drunken Sahar calls Lila up and tells her she forgot the words, but that it also motivated her to get up on stage again. Good on her.

10:58pm – Sahar says she saw Ryan shaking his head when she messed up and Knight says he’s clearly on something.

Whoa, looks like Ryan’s weirdo family comes for a visit next episode and Eric threatens to knock him out. Good stuff.

Real World Watcher New Orleans “St. Patrick’s Secrets”

Tonight’s episode of Real World New Orleans was a rough one. It’s hard not to think of Jemmye as a sad, broken person especially as she gets super wasted again–this time on St. Patrick’s Day–then stumbles around the house breaking things and even trying to run away. You can understand why the roommates would be angry and annoyed with the situation and might even feel that same way while watching, but you also know you’re viewing someone with a lot of problems dealing with them in the wrong way. It’s not an easy episode to watch, but here goes. Hit the jump for the full live blog. Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans “St. Patrick’s Secrets”

Real World Watcher New Orleans “Building & Breaking”

Tonight’s episode was frustrating to say the least and most of it revolves around Knight being a jerk. I’m not sure if it’s just a trick of editing or what, but he comes off as a total douche this episode whether he’s making fun of Sahar for her boyfriend making out with another girl, talking down to Jemmye or ragging on Preston. We also get to see most of the gang working for Habitat For Humanity, all except for Ryan who faded to the background pretty quickly this episode. Anyway, hit the jump for the full live blog and find out what the deal with this picture is.

Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans “Building & Breaking”

Real World Watcher New Orleans “Sing Out, Cop Out”

You’ll notice a new addition to the live blog format this time around as, half way through the episode, I started adding the time whatever I wrote about was happening. I figure this will help you guys match up my commentary with…well, the EST I watched it the first time around. Anyway, the episode is separated into three parts. One half consists of what I’ve called The Toothbrush Incident which happened a few episodes back, when Preston supposedly cleaned the toilet with and peed on Ryan’s toothbrush. A quarter involves Jemmye’s mom visiting and the other quarter is about Sahar kinda sorta going after her musical aspirations. Hit the jump for all the deets. Continue reading Real World Watcher New Orleans “Sing Out, Cop Out”

Real World Watcher New Orleans “Confused and Abused”

Tonight’s episode of Real World New Orleans was a bit of a roller coaster going from parade to parade with stops along the way involving McKenzie’s drinking and choice of men, Jemmye’s relationship with her friend/boyfriend/ex and, later, her explaining to Knight what happened in a previous relationship. It’s pretty crazy.

Haha McKenzie doesn’t know what Bohemian means. I’m not sure Knight does either.

McKenzie says she’s a gypsy, that her and a bunch of her friends would travel around and steal stuff. Ryan gets really freaked out about it, either because she’s lying or because he believes her. He refers to both.

Haha, Knight draws a bubble bath for Jemmye and himself, but everyone shares that bathroom so people are in and out. Preston even jumps in in his tighty whities.
The roommates are going to be on a float. It looks pretty rad. It’s called the Tucks Crew. I don’t know what that means. They’re on a float making fun of the Army Corp of Engineers who built the levies that failed. Is that what happened?

Haha, Ashlee says she’ll toss beads to senior citizens, children and any man who calls her beautiful.

Preston and Ashlee are interviewing people for their radio bit. Let’s hope they figured out how to actually use the recorder.

Preston and Knight are trading beads for food because they didn’t pack a lunch.
Preston calls McKenzie’s drunken alter ego Mary. She doesn’t seem to get the joke.

Preston asks Ryan about squashing their beef, but Ryan comes back with saying that if they’re not going to be friends, they might as well be peaceful.

McKenzie’s drunk at a party again and letting a dude get all up on her because he bought her a drunk. The guy swears at Jemmye and she bounces. Jesus, dealing with this broad sounds like a nightmare.
Knight’s suspicious that Jemmye’s playing down her relationship with Kodi, this dude she either met right before coming out or who she broke up with right before she came out.

Oi, Kodi plays some sport. He’s got a game at LSU and Jemmye is thinking about going with one of the roommates to visit him afterwards.

“I’m either really good friends with someone or I’m not really friends with someone at all.” – Ryan. What?

Ryan tells Knight that he lied when he squashed things with Preston and that he hates him even more. WHAT?!

Ryan also says that Knight is his best friend, which comes out of nowhere.

Sahar’s trying to tell McKenzie that she’s worried about her drinking and she just keeps playing with her beads. Ugh. She says she’s going to keep an eye on it.

Ryan tells Knight he’s not real cool with him and Jemmye being together because he (Ryan) wants to hang out with Knight. It’s weird.

Knight says he likes being with Jemmye because it’s easy and doesn’t take much effort. Also, that he doesn’t see them getting together.

Jemmye’s having second thoughts about going to visit Kodi.

Eric and Sahar are kind of turning into the lost roommates, which is funny because he’s into her. Maybe they’re sneaking off to bone!

While out at a bar, Knight’s chatting a girl up while Jemmye’s sitting right there, which pisses her off.

Hey, wow, McKenzie’s talking to a dude that doesn’t seem like a complete skeez. She’s also not drunk…yet.
At the club, Jemmye tells Knight she doesn’t think she’s gonna go to Kodi’s game. Knight tells her she might as well go. She seems upset. Commercial break.

Knight calls the girl from that night and asks her to come over to the house. Ashlee tells him he’s being an ass. Then he asks Jemmye for directions. I think he hung up on the girl. Jemmye’s pissed. She pushes him into the confessional. (I thought it was the next day at first).
In the confessional, Knight says he feels like a shithead because she’s got a guy back home. He tells her to talk to him again when she deals with Kori. He says he’ll be the Knight he wants her to be when she finishes things with Kori.

Eric’s telling her to go because it’s someone from her past.

Jemmy’e going to Kodi’s game. She thinks seeing him will help her decide if she wants to be with Kodi or Knight. Ashlee drives her.

Kodi is/was #24 for Mississippi State’s basketball team.

Jemmye’s all nervous waiting for him outside. Whoa, he’s way tall, like twice her size. Oooh, Kodi’s whole family is there too so it’s super awkward. He’s the tall, quiet type. Seems kind of like a douche, but it’s hard to tell cause he says nothing.
Knight puts McKenzie’s name over the Madame SOMETHING fortune teller machine. She’s sitting in front of the thing and everyone’s tossing out jokes, but she doesn’t see it.

McKenzie runs into Travis at a bar. Huh, Travis had a streak where he would black out and he wanted to get away from that, so he doesn’t drink as much and being around him means that McKenzie isn’t drinking as much. He seems like a good dude, but he’s only there on spring break.

Jemmye doesn’t seem thrilled with her meeting with Kodi. She comes home and gets in bed with Knight. She says she has a deeper connection with Knight than Kodi.

McKenzie brings Travis back to the house, but he leaves soon. Preston says he might have been in her life for a short time just to teach her a small lesson. She seems receptive to that.

Ah, it’s Fat Tuesday, the last day of Mardi Gras. Ashlee and Preston have a meeting soon to present what they have, but they can’t find the recorder. Man, they are just screwing the pooch on this pretty fantastic opportunity.

Preston calls the dude, but he’s not pissed. He says not to worry about, these things happen at Mardi Gras. They lucked the hell out.
Their Fat Tuesday outfits are…interesting. Jemmye’s definitely flashing for beads, I don’t know if the other girls were, but they’ve all got a LOT of beads.
Looks like a pretty intense, yet super gross party.

Ryan comes out either naked or in a very small bathing suit and asks Ashlee and Sahar if they want to get in the hot tub. He says he has his suit on and gives them a creepy look.

Jemmye and Knight are at the bar and she’s telling him about her past abusive relationship which lasted a year and a half. This actually makes a lot of sense with how she acts with men. Like any good dude, Knight has trouble with the news.

Huh, the cops roll through late at night and wash the street? New Orleans is so weird.

Drunk in the confessional, Knight says he loves her and that Jemmye’s his girl, which seems like a flip from the last time.

Real World Watcher New Orleans “Superbrawl 2010”

Sweet Christmas, where will this episode go? By the “Previously On” segment, I would assume we’re getting a blow-up between Ryan and Preston as well as the fallout of Jemmye and Knight hooking up. Let’s watch…

It’s still Mardi Gras, of course. I assume it’s like a 7 month holiday there.

At some party, Jemmye just pulled Knight into the bathroom and they proceed to have sex. That’s 1 minute into the episode with Ryan, Eric and Ashlee outside complaining. Ashlee walks in on them.
The Super Bowl’s coming up and the roommates are outside tossing the old Nerfskin around.

Preston’s telling his coming out story. His senior year of high school, he had fooled around with some guy from another school, he told a few people and one of them started telling everyone so he jumped up on a desk and said he was gay and he didn’t care who knew.

Knight thinks that Ryan thinks he might be gay because everyone calls him gay. Also he (Knight) got kissed by his best friend once.

Ryan’s still upset that Preston thinks he might be gay. Dude, you’re more obviously gay than the actual gay guy in the house.

Looks like Jemmye and Knight are just continually hooking up, any time and anywhere. Jemmye says she doesn’t do relationships.

Ashlee’s talking about wanting to be on the radio. She found a station called WWOZ and she’s heading over there with Preston to see if they can be DJs.
Preston wants to become a TV personality and sees this as a step towards that. It would be his first actual foot in the door.

The WWOZ guy says they’ve got a thing called Street Talk that they might be good for. Interesting. Each week they’ll have 5 minutes and a different topic.

Whoa, Big Thang sent Preston an email with a pic of him naked and a subject like “Remember Me?” or some such. Preston will not respond.

Knight typed “We’re going to call you little thang now because we saw Knight’s and it’s way bigger.”

The roommates volunteered for the dog parade. They’re pushing a King and Queen Barkus float. Preston and Ashlee are interviewing people. It’s the same day as the Super Bowl.
Whoa, Ryan just said “I hate that fag,” about Big Thang because BT said Ryan was gay. Everyone gets pretty skeeved out, Preston’s especially pissed. Meanwhile, they’re at the drive-in, all them, in a van. Whoa, now Ryan called Preston a fag.
Back at the house, Ryan’s all crazy. He calls his brother and says he’s going to beat Preston’s ass. We’ll see. He says the Preston keeps calling him out for being gay, but I don’t see that happening. His brother’s telling him to relax.

Knight comes in and tells him he just needs to know his boundaries with Preston. Good advice. I’m pretty sure he’s drunk too.

Also, Ryan, bro, there are all kinds of pings on the ol’ gaydar with you. You just need to deal with that, own it and move on. Preston’s right, it just means he’s not comfortable with himself.

I agree with the missus, in a few years at a reunion, Ryan will be there all out and proud like Stephen from Seattle.

Haha, “He put in work.” – Jemmye regarding Knight.

Haha, Preston and Ashlee go back and realize they had no idea how to use their recorder and didn’t get anything from the dog parade. Rookie effing mistake!
In any other town, the presence of a camera crew during the Super Bowl would lead to shit talking.

Ashlee wants to watch the game. Sahar’s flirting with Eric. Apparently Sahar said that if the Saints won, she’s make out with him in public.

McKenzie’s getting pretty drunk, like almost falling over at the bar. She says she doesn’t need water and the guy she’s talking to says she doesn’t need any. Not cool Dom.

Maxwell shows up and kisses Preston. Preston gets kicked out of the bar because Maxell tried to get in and he’s 20. For some reason they won’t let him back into the bar. He thinks it’s because they saw him kiss Maxwell. Also, it’s the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. Not cool at all. Dude’s outside getting bummed out because it reminds him of high school and people being assholes. I feel for him.
Ashlee comes outside and gets him back inside after talking to the bouncer. Good on her and the other girls for helping. The Saints win, of course, and everything goes NUTS. Is this the first time the Real World kids have been in the same town as a major sports victory? It is according to my memory.

Sahar honors her part of the deal and makes out with Eric outside.
Shit, for a second, I thought the music was gunfire.

Oof, McKenzie’s feeling it. This Dom dude keeps ordering her shots even though she says she doesn’t want another one. She even tells the bartender she doesn’t want one and he just leaves it there.

Preston and Ashlee go after McKenzie as she wanders home drunk with Dom. Preston confronts her, she argues with him and goes with Dom.

Dom’s an extreme creep. That’s rape, yo. Though maybe the laws are different down south…

So McKenzie and Dom go to another bar that’s almost empty and none of her roommates are at. He’s trying to get more drinks in her, but she takes a taxi home. Whew. That was a close one. She gets home before Preston and Ashlee.
McKenzie looks like an angry Mogwai when she’s drunk. She can’t talk in complete sentences.

Haha, Ashlee’s giving Knight shit about being married/dating Jemmye. She’s really funny. I think I could hang out with her.

Whoa, McKenzie was on birth control, then got off it when they broke up, then got back on after she started blacking out from drinking. She says all her friends and family black out like that. That not normal.

Jemmye wanders about her self control when it comes to sex but not drinking. She responds: “I really like alcohol.” – McKenzie

I don’t care what McKenzie thinks, blacking out completely sounds like an excuse to be bad, because she’s always saying how much easier it is to be a bad girl than a good girl.

Everyone thinks Ryan is a bad roommate because he’s messy and inconsiderate. He’s the one who doesn’t like to clean. He, of course, reacts like a total douche about it. This pisses Preston off and he confronts him about it.

Ryan gives him the silent treatment like a child. THIS IS WHAT IT’S LIKE LIVING WITH OTHER PEOPLE.

I think Preston just called Ryan a fag. It was bleeped. I can’t tell.

Haha, Preston just keeps railing against him. Ryan’s response is to say that he’s only gay because he couldn’t get girls so he turned gay.

Preston says something like “keep wearing those shorts that I rubbed my ass on.” Ryan wipes Preston’s smokes on his ass looking like a serial killer. Meanwhile, Preston pees on Ryan’s tooth brush. Ryan thinks he’s all clever, but let’s be real, butt chemicals don’t hold a candle to what’s already in cigarettes. Meanwhile, you’ll have something that was in a penis in your mouth. BURN!Jesus, I want to punch the collective RJ Burger machine in the show. What an absolute piece of shit show.

Haha, out at a club, Jemmye asks Ryan where Knight is (he’s right behind her, but she doesn’t see him), Ryan says she went outside with some girl (which he didn’t) and she walks all around the bar trying to find him. This is definitely a relationship. She just dumped a whole beer on his head because she thought it was some girl’s. She says it’s not a relationship. I beg to differ.
“The next fat girl that talks to him gets hit,” – drunk Jemmye. She keeps saying it’s not a relationship thing, just that she’s protective of her friends.

While drunk in the confessional, he tells her that he wants to be with her, she says she doesn’t trust girls, but trusts him. They leave to go have sex.
The next morning he’s talking to Sahar, telling her that he said that stuff to Jemmye to sound good, not to sleep with her. Shit’s getting complicated bro.

Preston and Jemmye are talking about using the word fag, he used to get called that in high school and he doesn’t like it. He said it really bothered him when Ryan used it on him.

Gahhh, McKenzie and Eric are talking about Preston peeing on Ryan’s toothbrush while they’re showing him using the toothbrush. I am literally cringing.