Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 3 “Creepin'”

More Ronnie and Sammi drama than anyone cares to see. Plus some time at the gelato shop and lots and lots of creeping, some of which leads to a gaggle of grenades. Enjoy!

10:01pm – We’re picking up a few minutes before the end of the last episode with Angelina’s meltdown. We’re in the kitchen and then she’s messing with Pauly outside.

10:02pm – Pauly’s shouting wakes JWOWW. She comes out. Angelina says she didn’t smack Pauly and didn’t cause any of the trouble. JWOWW asks where she gets off hitting Pauly. Yo, girl, you straight up punched Mike last season.

10:03pm – Now Angelina’s talking all kinds of crazy, saying that Pauly and Mike were causing trouble for her.

10:04pm – The next day JWOWW, Ronnie and Vinny head down to the gelato for their shift. Enzo, the owner calls Vinny Vincenzo which he likes because it reminds him of the old people in his family.

10:05pm – Angelina’s saying she doesn’t remember anything from the night before after Mike and Pauly ignore her all morning. She pulls Pauly aside and then starts crying. Maybe you should take the shades off inside and someone can take you seriously. She says she got really drunk because she doesn’t feel comfortable there. Pauly says they’re cool and accepts her apology, but says he’s going to do what he went there to do.

10:07pm – “Unfortunately your fun conflicts with ours so we need to go our separate ways.” – Pauly.

Angelina wants to wipe the slate clean because she was drunk, but it still happened, dummy.

10:12pm – Vinny’s looking for a barber and goes to the hood to get his hair cut. Ronnie goes with him. They’re both happy with the results. “As you can see, I’ve got a good fade.” – Vinny.

10:14pm – Mike pulls everyone to the side to talk about Angelina. He’s asking the girls to start hanging out with her and squash their shit. He says they need to respond to how she’s acting now, not how she acted before. Of course, now she’s acting like a crazy person.

10:15pm – They’re heading out to the club. Snooki comes out wearing a leopard dress with the bump. Vinny tells her she looks hot. “Are you trying to smoosh right now?” – SNooki HAHAHA

10:16pm – Out at the club, Snooki pulls Angelina aside and says she knows how it is to be the outcast, but that she needs to admit she talked shit about Snooki. She does. It’s squashed. (How did “squash” become the word for dealing with problems?). Angelina apologize to JWOWW too.

10:18pm – Sammi and Ronnie seemed to be hitting it off, then she looks over and Ronnie’s WASTED. He looks ridiculous then tells her to leave if she’s not going to be a bump on a log. She says she walked away thinking that this could be the end of Sammi and Ronnie. Oh no, that would be terrible…

10:22pm – Sammi’s crying and what not and the other girls minus Snooki go home with her. The dudes are still out with Snook.

10:23pm – Snooki sees Ronnie dancing up on some girl and walks over to him to call him on it. Even Pauly says he needs to figure out his stuff.

10:25pm – Ronnie pushes Snookie a little and the other dudes step in to take him out of the club.

10:26pm – Back at the house, Ronnie is ridiculously sloppy. What a joke. But then he goes and gets into bed with Sammi and she lets him. Who would have thought that Ronnie would be the slimiest dude of the group?

Vinny’s asleep on the beanbag next to the phone. Snooki sits right next to/on him to call her boyfriend, but it’s super late. She tells her boyfriend she’s going to bed and then knocks over the table with the lamp next to the phone and her and Vinny can’t stop laughing.

10:28pm – They’re both annihilated and Vinny asks her to sleep in his bed for companionship. “Like a dog?” she asks. HAHAHA

10:31pm – The next day, Vinny’s wondering if he had sex with Snooki. Then her boyfriend calls and asks to talk to her, but Vinny tells him she’s still sleeping.

10:32pm – I’m with JWOWW, I’m sick of Sammi and Ronnie’s bullshit too. Pauly tells JWOWW about Snooki telling Ronnie she was going to tell Sammi he was dancing on some other girls at the club.

10:33pm – Sammi says Ronnie’s giving her mixed signals. No, Sweetheart, his signals are pretty clear: he always wants to have you around to bang.

Ronnie and Sammi have the same shift at the gelato shop. Jesus, I hate these two. Give them their own show so I can ignore it. Ronnie starts getting affectionate with her and says she’s his girlfriend again. She’s super happy about it. Ugh.

10:35pm – Now that Ronnie’s back to being lame and whipped, Mike, Vinny and Pauly are heading out for an MVP night. The girls are going to play pool, but Angelina’s trying to worm her way in. She doesn’t want to be the only girl and all the guys are agreeing with her.

She says she’s definitely gonna go. Dudes, just leave when she’s not looking and don’t tell her where you’re going.

10:37pm – Haha, they say they’ve got a big plan which is to literally run out the door when her head is turned. Even worse? IT WORKS!

10:40pm – The guys get away with their MVP night and Angelina goes to play pool. The guys are at this club, but it’s full of land mines and grenades. Mike and Pauly are still trying to scrounge up anything they can to take back to the house. “Mike and Pauly would take home a stray dog if there were no girls left.” – Vinny HAHAHA

10:42pm – This is the line we’ve been waiting all season for. Mike splashes water on his face in the hot tub and realizes they’re surrounded by grenades.

10:43pm – Haha, someone’s fake boob falls out of the bra and starts floating around. Another girl asks if it’s a fish and the guys end up playing catch with it. And with that, they got rid of the grenades.

10:48pm – The next day Mike and Snooks are working at the gelato shop, but she’s too short to see or reach anything. She’s also no good at scooping ice cream apparently.

10:49pm – Haha, the shop is moving a little slow so Mike takes his shirt off and stands outside to draw in some customers. “He looks like a friggin’ dirty old man with his shirt off outside the ice cream shop.” – Snooki. True dat.

10:50pm – Mike helps Snooki get on this big statue thing outside the gelato shop that she then says hurts her vagina.

10:51pm – Sammi’s all happy that Ronnie wants to stick around and hang out one night. Then Snooki comes in and tells them that she and Jenny were going to go out and get some food. That’s when Ronnie tells Sammi that she can go out with the girls if she wants then he can go out with the guys to a club. She tells him to do whatever he wants. It’s a test that he will probably fail, but she’ll still let him pass.

10:55pm – The guys are encouraging Ronnie to go out. He says he’s only in Miami for a little while and wants to spend time with his boys. What about your girl? Oi.

10:56pm – Ronnie’s trying to say that he doesn’t want to alienate him and Sammi away from everyone else.

10:57pm – Sammi confirms that it was indeed a test. I guarantee he’ll act like an ass and come home smelling like another girl and get in bed with her and she’ll be cool with it.

Sammi stays home while JWOWW and Snooki go out. They’re talking about whether they should tell Sammi about all Ronnie’s doing. If they do, she might leave because she wouldn’t want to be around him. They’re also worried that she’ll be pissed at them because they knew the whole time.

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