The Challenge: Cutthroat Promos

While watching tonight’s penultimate episode of Real World New Orleans, I got a peek at the upcoming Real World/Road Rules Challenge dubbed Cutthroat. From what I could tell, there will be more than two teams (turns out there’s three) competing against each other for the money. Here’s what looks like a legit promo (though not the one I saw) with a lot of the same footage. It looks pretty intense.

Meanwhile, here’s a completely NSFW (unless you’ve got headphones, there’s a lot of F-bombs dropped) promo called “See No Evil.”

And here’s a final YouTube clip that claims to reveal the full cast and also says the challenges take place in Prague. I’m not going to watch the whole thing because I don’t want to know the line-up ahead of time, but feel free to do so yourselves.

I’m pretty excited to see what this new format will bring to the game, though I wish they would have gotten rid of TJ Lavin as the host. You won’t find a more wooden performance on television than from this BMX rider. Is BMX still cool anymore? I mean, I think it is, but I’m 27, which makes me a geezer by MTV standards. Shouldn’t someone from Fall Out Boy be hosting by now (I used them because they’re one of the few young kid bands I dig, daddy-O).

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