Real World Watcher New Orleans “Over Knight”

Tonight’s episode of Real World New Orleans should have been a ton of fun because it’s the first episode since that cankerous mole Ryan was removed from the show, but drama between Knight and Jemmye and Sahar and her loser boyfriend Pablo king of brought everything down. I didn’t realize this, but this is the second to last episode of the season and from the “next week on” section, it looks like Ryan will be back. ONLY ONE EPISODE WITHOUT THAT DOUCHE?! Uncool MTV, uncool. Anyway, hit the jump to see what this picture means and see what else went down on the episode.

10:01pm – We just jump right in seeing the roommates on a fan boat trip of the bayou. Knight says he’ll fight a small gator. Then the guys doing the tour freak them out with a little tiny gator they pretend jumped in the boat. And now we have the intro.

10:03pm – Pablo is coming to visit Sahar, she’s talking to her friend on the phone while Knight and Jemmye get in a water fight while washing the car.

10:04pm – Ashlee wants to throw a wedding for Jemmye and Knight as a joke. Preston’s Jemmye’s man of honor. Sahar’s coming up with vows. Knight says he won’t be there, he comes into the confessional while Preston, Ashlee, Sahar and McKenzie are talking about this wedding thing. Knight tells the camera he thinks Jemmye might think they’re really married.
10:05pm – Knight won’t go to bed with Jemmye that night and says she’s only good for one thing. He says he doesn’t want to be with her, but it’s not like he’s going after other girls. Jemmye’s bummed.

She comes back into his room and punches him while he’s lying in bed with Preston. Kind of play, but kind of real. Knight says he doesn’t want to be with her anymore (or deal with her?). I bet Preston feels super awkward.

10:11pm – Sahar, McKenzie and Ashlee are talking about the previous night. They all agree that she shouldn’t have hit him, but Sahar says that she keeps herself in this weird abusive relationship and she really shouldn’t.

Knight says he was domestically assaulted, that he pushed Jemmye beyond her boundaries and that he shouldn’t have to deal with this stuff.

10:12pm – Everyone but Knight is at the mission and Loretta wants to talk to them. She asks them to spend 16 hours as homeless people in the mission system, eating there and sleeping outside. Ashlee says she’ll have to think about it because they’d be sleeping outside and she doesn’t do outside. Preston says he can’t do it because he’s scared. McKenzie, Eric and Jemmye are definitely in.
10:14pm – Sahar’s singing with a band called Flow Tribe who’s got a kind of funk rock thing going on with a pretty hot horn and rhythm section. She sounds good with them singing back up. They want her to perform with them at some club.

10:16pm – McKenzie’s getting ready for the sleep out. Knight’s not a big fan of the idea because he could tell a lot of the homeless dudes from the mission were high and he didn’t want to put himself in that kind of situation, but he’s going anyway. Jemmye and McKenzie dressed a little “skankier” than maybe they should have (short shorts and T-shirts). They’ve got to be processed like anyone else. Loretta hands them clothes to wear. Now they’re eating. Preston did show up. So did Ashlee.

10:18pm – Loretta tells them that sleeping outside is the real homeless experience. I think it’s also their last night together at the mission. This looks about like what I saw in NYC and DC with the homeless people.
10:19pm – Knight convinces Ashlee to escape with him and she does. They hope a metal gate and take off down the street, leaving the camera man behind the gate.

10:24pm – The cameras catch up with Ashlee and Knight. They wander around the city, grab a beer and keep walking around like they’re homeless. Their goal is to get back out by 5AM when Loretta will come out and relieve them of their faux homelessness.

10:25pm – Now Knight wants to antique Eric (throwing flour on someone). Ashlee’s joining in. Knight gets Eric and Ashlee gets McKenzie. Eric gets up and tells Knight he’s too fat to hide. Knight comes back with lame flour related comebacks.
“I’m sure homeless people don’t have this much fun.” – Knight.

Then Eric jumps out of nowhere and dumps salsa on Knight even though apparently Ashlee got Eric with the flour.

10:27pm – Loretta straight-up tells Knight that she sees him as a controlling manipulator after saying she knows they weren’t there the whole time. He says he’s back in control and doesn’t want to lose it because he might go back to the drugs. She says she’d hate to see him if he was worse than he is now. She also said he’s got potential to really make a difference in the world.

10:28pm – Knight tells the camera he won’t push Jemmye’s buttons anymore because he’ll get nailed.

10:29pm – The next morning they have breakfast with Loretta and give her a computer. Boo, it’s a Sony! Loretta’s very grateful. It’s kind of sad, she was a nice presence this season.

10:30pm – Jemmye meets up with her counselor Dale and tells her that she got angry and hit Knight. She knows it’s good that she got angry, but that she needs to learn how to direct it more. Dale says she needs to aim that anger at her ex, not Knight. Jemmye knows she could have just said something to Knight and he would have stopped. I’m not so sure…maybe they need a safe word.

10:31pm – Knight isn’t mad that she hit him, he’ more mad at himself for pushing her to the point where she felt the need to hit him. Then he sprays her with silly string. I love that stuff.

10:33pm – Looks like it’s clean-up day because Pablo’s coming. Sahar seems excited and full of nervous energy. Knight asks where they’re going to sleep and also when they’re going to have sex. She says that’s not happening. Then Knight tries to guess his real name. Sounds like it’s Elie, but I’m positive I spelled that wrong. Not sure why they call him Pablo.

10:35pm – Sahar’s all dolled-up waiting for Pablo and his two friends to get to the house. Yeah, she’s super excited. It’s cute. His friends are named Mike and Omar.


10:36pm – Sahar’s telling them about her performance on Saturday and Pablo’s more concerned with the Michigan State game that day. Kinda douchey.
10:37pm – Pablo’s boys say that he gets more ass than a toilet seat right in front of Knight. Huh.

On the way home in the taxi, Eric says he heard the same thing from Mike and Omar. Knight tells the camera he wouldn’t say anything to Sahar because girls tend to believe their boyfriend and get mad at the messenger. I can see that being the case. Then, back in the cab, Eric says that Mike and Omar are cool but Pablo’s just a drunk.

10:42pm – It looks like Sahar just left a hotel the next day, got into a cab and went back to the house. Oh, must be where Pablo was staying. She says she forgot about her show and is acting all giddy.

Pablo and his boys come over that day and he says he wants to “Booze it up.” Then they all roll out, it seems pretty early. Pablo sounds like a high school guy, just wanting to drink, like it’s the coolest thing in the world. They’re definitely drinking at breakfast. He keeps drinking from the bottle of vodka. He’s a total douche. I wonder if he’s trying to play up to the camera. I bet Jemmye can hold her liquor better than him.
10:44pm – Sahar asks him not to get too drunk and he just comes off as slimy. I don’t like this dude.

10:45pm – Now Sahar’s at the club getting ready for sound check. Casey’s the lead singer of the band, he’d make a way better boyfriend for her (she calls him her stage boyfriend). I wonder if Pablo’s gonna get jealous.

10:46pm – Jemmye’s talking to Pablo, asking if he’s excited to see Sahar sing. He says he doesn’t give an eff. No one likes this dude, even McKenzie.

10:50pm – Sahar’s all nervous, heads back home to change and gets back to the club where Pablo’s annihilated. Knight tells him to get his head off the bar and man up.

10:52pm – Eric’s really not impressed with Pablo, especially because he had a thing for her. She tries to ask his boys to watch him and they just give her lip service.
10:56pm – Before Sahar goes on stage and the band is vamping, we see Pablo’s boys feeding him water like he’s a baby with a bottle. Eric tries to talk to Sahar before she goes on stage, he wants her to focus on the music, telling her to prioritize her emotions. Seems like it works because she’s smiling when she leaves and gets on stage.

10:58pm – Haha, they got Knight to introduce Sahar again. Jemmye literally has to point Pablo at the stage to see Sahar sing. She’s doing really well, maybe a little flat, but still pretty good. And now she’s out. Her roommates are way more excited than Pablo who looks dead when Sahar comes up to him.
11:00pm – Sahar’s saying that Pablo’s a good dude, he just doesn’t look like it to everyone else. Hey, on the real, a good dude doesn’t purposely get drunk before your big day.

She can barely get him out of the cab. He tells her to chill.

Haha, back at the house they’re talking about Sahar and Pablo and Jemmye says he needs to go on Tool Academy. That would awesome! Dude is a complete tool.

Aww, next week’s episode is the last one. Uh oh, Ryan’s returning. I’m guessing this is for promo photos and the like. That won’t be good.

AHH, they’re promoing The Challenge: Cut Throat, the next challenge. It’s hard to tell, but it looks like we’re dealing with more than two teams. It premiers October 6th!

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