Real World Watcher New Orleans Season Finale “Au Revoir Nawlins”

Here you go, the very last episode of one of the most tumultuous seasons of Real World in a long time (or at least the most personally frustrating ones). I’m impressed with the non-Ryan roommates for not only volunteering their time and trying to make a difference, but also for making some personal, emotional improvements. With all that, hit the jump for the live blog!10:00pm – Instead of the usual look at what happened previously we’re “treated” to a series of clips of Ryan being an ass and new footage of him talking to the camera telling us that he’s back in New Orleans for a photoshoot. Sigh, we had one good Ryan-less episode.

10:02pm – Jemmye says she could see hanging out with Knight after they leave.

Preston asks Eric what he thinks of the roommates. He says he doesn’t feel like he knows Ashlee very well, that he probably wouldn’t hang with or talk to Knight much.

10:03pm – Preston says he feels bad about Ryan because they couldn’t get through to them. Eric says he doesn’t because Ryan told him he didn’t care about any of them.

McKenzie’s hanging out with Grant, the dude she met on St. Patty’s Day. Is this the guy who doesn’t drink much? He told his mom and sister he has a crush on her which is apparently “serious stuff.”

10:04pm – Sahar’s talking to her friend from home Lila who tells her that Pablo said visiting her was a huge mistake. Sounds like Lila’s acting like a mediator between them. Sahar’s PISSED and doesn’t want to talk to him and says she’s done with guys like him .

10:05pm – Unlike Sammi from Jersey Shore, Sahar realizes her thing with Pablo was junk and doesn’t want to get back with him because he treated her bad.

10:06pm – Eric and Knight are going to take on an ice cream eating contest with eight scoops of ice cream, eight toppings and such. They’re each doing one. I think someone said Knight is lactose intolerant, this could be bad. Eww, after 30 minutes, Knight runs out and throws up. Eric does the same, but in the bathroom. We’re treated to shots of Knight throwing up what looks like pure ice cream outside though. Thanks MTV.
10:12pm – Eric, Knight and McKenzie heads to the Habitat for Humanity house to do some finishing touches. Knight and Eric can’t handle a ladder. It’s kind of funny. Eric says he’s formed a tight bond with McKenzie and Knight from working on this thing.

Meanwhile, Preston and Ashlee are asking people what foods they should it in New Orleans for their radio show. Sahar tags along. Then she complains about Pablo some more.

10:14pm – McKenzie, Knight and Eric see the woman moving into the house and her babies. They have a celebration for her moving in. This is cool, kind of makes me want to join up with HFH and help some people.
Good on the roommates for doing this and helping out at the mission. I know they didn’t have to, so it’s even better to see them doing something positive and helpful. We haven’t seen that on Real World for a long while.

10:15pm – McKenzie’s really moved by the whole thing.

Pablo sends Sahar an Edible Arrangement with a note saying he’s sorry. Preston says she should send it back to Dearborn to make a point. He then sits her down and tells her up front he made her look stupid. Then he asks what she gets mad at Jemmye for: letting men walk over her. She says she’s not letting him walk over her and will figure it out when they go home.

10:17pm – It’s picture day. The roommates are all being made up when Ryan shows up. Everyone’s a little tense to see how he reacts. I believe this is the first time we’ve ever seen these moments on the actual show.

I’m feeling tense inside just watching Ryan walk in and saying hi to the workers. I hate this kid. I also probably have a problem for getting this absorbed.

10:20pm – After the commercial Ashlee reiterates that it’s tense with Ryan there. He’s not really talking to anyone. In fact, no one’s really talking. Eric says hi after Ryan does. Preston tells the camera he doesn’t want to see Ryan ever again and that he needed to go.

Ryan asks Pretson for a cigarette, he says no. Soon after, Preston lights up a smoke and Ryan asks him about it. Preston says he had a cigarette for himself, then Ryan calls him a selfish little bitch.

10:21pm – Lots of pictures with them looking like they don’t hate each other or at least Ryan.
10:22pm – GAH, Ryan calls Brother from the house and does that stupid WWF voice. Why is he still there?! GO AWAY.

Now he’s messing with Eric who’s sleeping on the couch and Eric kicks him. Just hit him dude, it’s not like you can get kicked off the show.

10:23pm – Knight’s reading in bed and Ryan tries to sneak up on him to tickle his feet. Then Ryan jumps in bed with Knight and weirdly spoons him.
Oh, Ryan’s still there because they’re doing one more set of photos in the house.

Then Ryan bounces saying he’s glad to leave. Whatever, kick rocks, bitch.

Knight’s telling the camera he can be really good friends with Ryan as long as they don’t live together. Oi.

Ashlee just had Knight make up a southern voice to mention crawfish for the radio show.
10:25pm – Now Preston and Ashlee are on the air doing their radio show. Oh God, they used Knight’s crawfish bit. Ashlee has a great radio voice. Seems like it went well. It’s funny that they showed the roommates listening on the computer because I’m sure no one has a radio (we don’t have one in our house).
10:26pm – It’s the last night in New Orleans so the roommates and friends are hanging out and doing a crawfish boil. Why is McKenzie dropping them in? She loves animals! It looks pretty good. I had crawfish once in college but I don’t remember them.

10:27pm – I don’t like seeing Jemmye talking to the camera and being sad.

10:28pm – They’re all standing in front of the water having a moment and Knight starts saying the opening of the show. Nice.
10:31pm – Now the roommates head to a bar called Kingpin’s and do some shots, drink and cry. It’s sad. McKenzie wants to continue things with Grant. Preston’s still smitten with Marty. The two of them head back to the house by themselves, but then Marty leaves.

The others leave the bar, find an abandoned shopping cart, Jemmye jumps in and they go for a bit of a ride.
10:33pm – Preston gets in the tub for a bubble bath and out of nowhere Knight starts throwing nick knacks from the house like a mounted fish and the girl from the stairs into the tub with him. Knight winds up standing on the tub spanking Preston’s ass and then slips in. It’s all pretty funny.
10:34pm – The roommates are all hugging each other goodnight. Ashlee and Jemmye push their beds together and sleep in a giant bed with Knight. Then he rips a LOUD fart and blames it on Jemmye. Keep it light my man.
These Real World season finale episodes always remind me of this trip I took between 7th and 8th grade to New Zealand and Australia. The group of us got really close for three weeks of the trip and then we all went home and most of us never saw each other again (they don’t do Challenges and Reunions in real life). I staid pen pals with a few people and went to school with another girl who I’ve lost contact. It’s all very bitter sweet to think of that. So, it’s easy to empathize for these guys as they’re dealing with leaving each other.

I literally wrote that through the entire commercial break, now we’re back.

10:38pm – They’re using up a bunch of the B roll footage and then showing everyone waking up on their last day. Preston gets in bed with Ashlee, Jemmye and Knight. Jemmye’s babbling deep thoughts.

10:39pm – Now it’s that scene where everyone’s sitting around waiting for cabs. Knight suggests sitting outside on the steps. McKenzie gives everyone superlatives, though we only hear a few: Ashlee “Best Radio Voice,” Sahar “Best Voice” and Jemmye “Most Improved.”

10:40pm – Marty shows up to drive Preston…to the airport? Preston says Knight is the best jackass he ever met. Knight thanks Preston (to the camera) for opening his eyes.
10:42pm – Oooh, Marty’s going to Boston with Preston.

The wind picks up and a storm sounds like it’s brewing. Eric starts waxing poetic and then everyone moves inside.

10:43pm – It’s time for Eric and McKenzie to leave. McKenzie, as you might expect, is crying. Hugs all around. I like Eric a lot. Seems like a cool guy I could hang out with.

Eric gives Sahar some on camera advice about her singing and dumping Pablo.

10:44pm – Eric and McKenzie hop on the trolly. I agree with Eric, it’s cool that they get to leave together. McKenzie says it all kind of feels like a dream. McKenzie reads a thank you letter to New Orleans. It’s sweet.

10:45pm – Knight makes the one comment everyone always makes on this RW day: “And then there were four.”

Haha, then Knight suggests a confessional orgy with Ashlee, Sahar and Jemmye. They don’t seem interested.

I will say that this is one of the quieter “Waiting to leave” episodes even with Knight making his jokes to break the silence (or at least it’s edited that way, a statement that could be added to the end of every sentence I write about reality shows).

10:49pm – No surprise here, Sahar and Ashlee are leaving together which will leave Knight and Jemmye by themselves. More hugs and a crass comments from Knight about eventually getting to try out Ashlee’s lips.

This has to be especially hard for Jemmye because she’s not only leaving a guy she really likes, but also heading back to a place that reminds her of the abuse she had to go through on a daily basis.

10:51pm – In the cab, Sahar’s talking about leaving Dearborn. Ashlee encourages her to leave.

Aww, it’s sad watching Knight and Jemmye just sitting there waiting for their cab to come. Here it is…will they leave together or separately? I always feel bad for the last one there.
10:52pm – Oh, that’s messed up, they’re making Knight leave which will put Jemmye in the house by herself. That’s just cruel.

10:56pm – Jemmye’s sobbing as Knight’s about to leave. Then we get a recap of their relationship. Not cool MTV.

10:57pm – Left in the house alone, they cut between Jemmye in the confessional and her walking around the house. It’s sad. I am such a softy for a sad girl.

10:58pm – Jemmye actually takes the car to leave. She’s crying while driving which is both sad and dangerous.

My closing thoughts: It was a pretty good season, though I’m not very impressed with MTV for casting Ryan who I still maintain either acted the whole time, is on drugs or is just a complete asshole. There’d still have been drama without him and maybe even a better character who didn’t fill me with rage week in and week out. His inclusion probably brought the other roommates together, but I don’t care. Screw him. Everyone else seemed cool, though I wish one of them would have punched Ryan. Put him on a Challenge so CT can kick the shit out of PLEASE!

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