Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Robotic Manipulation”

I’m not a fan Big Bang Theory getting moved from Monday to Thursday, especially because it’s opposite another show I love: Community. Luckily, the TV has been fixed, but that doesn’t mean our building can support DVR so I had to make a hard decision. As you can obviously (hopefully) tell, I went with BBT. I really dug the episode which focused on Penny chaperoning a date between Sheldon and Amy (Mayim Bialik) while Leonard and Raj help Howard get unstuck from a robot arm he invented. Hit the jump for all the live blogging goodness, plus pics!8:00pm – As you might expect, Sheldon is worried that Howard’s robot hand will travel through time to kill Sarah Connor.

8:01pm – “Really they’re going to make a robot that spits in your burger?” – Penny after Sheldon tells her this kind of tech will make her job obsolete.

“It’s a modest jump forward from the technology that gave us Country Bear Jamboree.” – Sheldon who’s not as impressed as Penny with the hand.

8:02pm – Hehe, Howard tried to get the robot hand to flip Sheldon the bird, but it just would up being a peace sign.

8:04pm – Haha, Howard “borrowed” the robo hand.

8:05pm – Oooh, Sheldon’s getting lame science pun joke texts from Amy.

Leonard says that Amy is Sheldon’s girlfriend which Sheldon denies. Penny asks how long this has been going on for and Leonard says four months, which bugs Penny because she hasn’t heard anything about it in that time.
At some point, Sheldon asks why Penny is there because her and Leonard are broken up. I couldn’t remember what their dating status was.

“Or as we call them Shamy.” – Howard, combing Sheldon and Amy’s names Brangelina style.

8:06pm – Though they communicate on a daily basis and are friends, Sheldon says that they are not dating.

Penny does a pretty fantastic spit take when Sheldon says that Amy and he have been talking about having a baby. They want to produce superior overlord for the future.

8:07pm – Penny asks why Sheldon would want to have sex because he hates touching people. Sheldon says he doesn’t want to have sex. He says they’ll do it clinically with Petri dishes. Then he asks Penny if her womb is available for rental.


8:08pm – Sheldon says he can’t date Amy because she’s not his girlfriend. Penny thinks it would be good to get to know the mother of his future child.

8:09pm – Later, Penny asks Sheldon if he knows she waits there why Sheldon does his triple “Penny” knock. He says he does.
Now Sheldon’s got a date set up and asks Penny to drive them. Leonard said it was her cockamamie idea, she should have to drive them. The date is now.

8:10pm – Penny agrees after asking why Sheldon assumed she had nothing better to do.

Creepy, Howard’s getting a sensual massage from the robot hand in his darkened room. “Oh yeah, just like a real hand.” Then he gets a sexy/gross idea.
In the car with Penny, Sheldon thanks her, then tells her it’s dangerous to drive in flip flops. “I just don’t want to be another flip flop related fatality.”

8:11pm – Penny asks Sheldon if it’s his first date. He asks if square dancing with his sister at a Teens For Jesus hoe down counts. It doesn’t. Penny tries to tell him some things about dating, but he comes off snooty.

8:12pm – Raj and Leonard are hanging out and Raj wonders where Aquaman poops and how toilets work in Atlantis. Not bad questions, my friend. It’s funny because, last season, Raj referred to himself as the Aquaman in their group.
Howard calls all upset. “The robot hand is stuck on your what?” – Leonard.

8:17pm – Haha, we pick back up with Penny driving, Sheldon in the passenger seat and Amy in the back seat behind Penny. Amy tells her that her check engine light is on.

8:18pm – Penny compliments Amy’s hair and she responds “Are you a homosexual” when Penny says no “I would have been more flattered if you were a homosexual.”

Penny’s trying to get conversations going, asking Sheldon to talk about his childhood. He says it was hellish. After Penny yammers about her hometown, Sheldon calls her a muggle.

8:19pm – Howard’s stuck with a robot arm sticking under his blanket. The robot hand seems to be stuck.

“You slipped and fell into a robot hand?” – Raj “Yes” – Howard. “Penis first?” – Raj.

8:20pm – Whoa, the hand thinks it’s holding a screwdriver and if the program unpauses, it will squeeze his junk off.

Raj suggests pulling like Winnie the Pooh, then a saw. Leonard suggests a torch. Howard wants none of that around his junk.

8:21pm – At dinner, Penny’s sitting with them on their date. Penny brings up that this is his first date. Amy says she dates once a year thanks to a deal with her mother. Amy asks if Penny goes on lots of dates, she says “a few” and Sheldon laughs.
8:22pm – Sheldon says that Penny’s been with 171 different men. Sheldon uses stats to figure out that it’s actually closer to 193 because she started dating at 14. Amy asks if she had sex with all of them. Sheldon uses stats to explain it’s probably been 31. Penny’s mortified. Amy asks her if she thinks she’s a slut. Penny says no, but not very convincingly.

8:24pm – Haha, they’re pulling the robot into the hospital followed by it’s hand and then Howard.

“Where’s the rest of it?” -Nurse. “I only built the hand.” – Howard. “Cause that’s all you needed.” – Nurse.

8:25pm – The nurse makes a very embarrassing call over the PA for an orderly to bring a wheelchair for a man whose penis is being grasped by a robot.

The nurse asks if anyone tried just turning it off. Leonard switches it off and it lets go. Success! Now sterilize that robot.

8:29pm – Back at the apartment building, Sheldon says the night was enjoyable and he saw a new side of Amy. Penny says she didn’t sleep with 31 people.
Sheldon says he’s ready for the next step: invetro fertilization.

Penny says that if Sheldon makes a baby in a Petri dish, she’ll tell his mom. He doesn’t see why that would be a problem until Penny mentions how religious his mom is.

8:30pm – In the apartment Leonard’s on the phone with Howard who is stuck again!

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