Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The Irish Pub Formulation”

Tonight’s episode of Big Bang Theory involved Leonard’s secret affair with Raj’s visiting sister. I would guess that the episode was written before Kaley Cuoco got hurt and was probably expanded a little bit because there isn’t much of a B-story. I didn’t really have a problem with that as the episode had some good old fashioned physical comedy and yet another great performance by the cast, including Jim Parsons’ Sheldon. All that being said, I do miss Penny. The show’s fine without her, but she really brings something special to the show. Or I just have a crush on her. Hit the jump for the full live blog. 8:00pm – Howard doesn’t like the cafeteria cobbler, saying it tastes like ground up shoemakers. Good one.

I like Sheldon’s Hawkman T-shirt. Buy one here.
Raj brings his sister Prya to the school because she’s on a layover. 8:01pm – Raj tells Sheldon and Howard to keep their hands off of his sister. Raj says Prya’s much hotter than Bernadette after he says that he’s got a girlfriend and wouldn’t hit on her. Hey, for the record, Bernadette is WAY hotter.

Apparently Howard and Leonard made a pact not to go after Prya the first time she visited.

8:02pm – Leonard shows her where the bathroom is and then she kisses him. He moves away from her to see if anyone’s around and then goes back to kissing her.

8:04pm – Sheldon has a very specific Train Day if you’ve got only one day to spend in LA. It’s a lot of hot dog carts in old train cars.

8:05pm – Prya comes back and Howard tells her he’s got a girlfriend in case he squirts any pheromones in her direction. Sheldon asks if she likes trains, she says no, he tells her he might as well stay in the airport. 8:06pm – Sheldon’s playing old school text based computer games thanks to an emulator which is keeping him up late. “Good golly, it’s like it’s really happening to me.” – Sheldon.

8:07pm – Prya knocks on the door and Leonard meets her out in the hallway.

8:08pm – Sheldon doesn’t like yawning in public because it shows off his oddly shaped uvula (that’s the dangly thing in the back of your throat). Reminding him of this is Leonard’s way of getting him to go to bed. It works, but then he comes out, having figured out how to beat the stage of the game. Prya jumps over the couch to hide. Good physical comedy.

8:10pm – Leonard feigns helping him so Prya can sneak into his room.

The next morning, Prya’s gotta get back to Raj’s so he doesn’t realize she’s gone. Leonard says he could move to India so they could date, but Prya doesn’t see interested in that idea. She has fun with him, but doesn’t want a relationship. Her parents would also not agree with that. “They’d have a cow, which is a much bigger deal in India.” – Prya.

8:11pm – Sheldon knocks on Leonard’s door and says he heard a woman laughing. Leonard says he was practicing laughing as a woman. Sheldon thinks Leonard’s got lipstick on his cheek, but Leonard says it’s a rash, so Sheldon asks him a litany of questions about what ointment he wants. 8:13pm – While shuffling towards the door, Sheldon comes out and sees Prya. He’s none too pleased, especially because he was going to give Leonard the last of his good hemorrhoid cream.

8:18pm – On the way to work, Howard asks Sheldon not to tell Raj about hooking up with his sister. Sheldon’s more concerned with Leonard betraying the pinky swear with Howard than Raj’s trust. Leonard also didn’t follow the roommate agreement section about overnight guests. Leonard claims to be Darth Vader-like.

“You’re far too short to be Darth Vader. At best you’d be a turn-coat Ewok.” – Sheldon.

8:19pm – Sheldon says he can’t keep secrets, then there’s a Batman analogy involving Alfred, Batgirl, Batman and, of course, secrets.

8:20pm – Sheldon visits Leonard in Leonard’s lab to give him an iron clad alibi. The idea is that he was with another girl that night. He’s even got a napkin with a forged note and a computerized recording if anyone called the name on the number. He’s even got a lock of hair from an orangutan.

8:21pm – Leonard says that no one’s going to ask about the previous night as long as Sheldon keeps his mouth shut. Sheldon literally zips his lip.

8:22pm – At the lunch table, Raj asks Leonard to tell Howard that Prya has never had a thing for him. Leonard awkwardly says he wouldn’t know what she liked, then Sheldon says something even more awkward.

8:23pm – Leonard says he didn’t watch Caprica the previous night, which prompts Howard to ask what he was doing. He jumps into Sheldon’s cover story, but can’t keep it up.

“He’s still dizzy from all the Irish whiskey and pickled eggs in his system.” – Sheldon.

8:24pm – Howard and Raj are both pissed at Leonard, Raj says he gets to be more pissed.

“To her, I’m a forbidden piece of white chocolate.” – Leonard.

Leonard tells Raj he offered her his heart and she stomped on it. That makes Raj feel better so he sits back down with them.

8:25pm – Howard tries to make a big deal about being a good friend and then Leonard brings up the time Howard dropped Raj’s iPhone in the toilet (“Dude, I put my face on that.” – Raj) and Sheldon reveals that Howard convinced Raj that foreigners give gifts to Americans on Thanksgiving.

Whoa, Sheldon was grinding up insects and putting them in Leonard’s food to figure out when food starts to taste mothy.

Raj used Sheldon’s toothbrush, but just the rubber tooth picking part. Sheldon looks like he might explode.

Leonard apologizes to both Raj and Howard for Prya. Howard apologizes to Raj for the phone and tricking him. Raj apologizes for using Sheldon’s tooth brush, but
Sheldon can’t handle the violation of personal space and says they can’t be friends, but Raj tells him he already bought him a Thomas the Tank Engine for Thanksgiving. That gets Sheldon to sit back down, but he says he’s got his eye on Raj.

8:30pm – Sheldon’s making snowcones with the Snoopy Snowcone maker. Leonard tastes and asks what flavor. After some wrong guesses, Sheldon reveals it’s got caterpillars in it. Good spit take!

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  1. Looking for links to specific classic text-based computer games, for children, non-violent, & also the plain old classic games

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