Live Blogging Big Bang Theory S4 “The 21 Second Excitation”

I dug this week’s episode of The Big Bang Theory, mostly because Penny’s back. While the boys head out to a screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the girls have a sleepover, which happens to be Amy’s first. Hilarity appropriately ensues.

8:00pm – Penny’s watching Raiders of the Lost Ark with the guys and not enjoying it  nearly as much as they are. Leonard can’t believe she hasn’t seen this movie, she can’t believe he hasn’t read Eat, Pray, Love. “When she comes out with Eat, Pray, Run Away From A Giant Boulder, I’ll read it.” – Leonard

Apparently Eat, Pray, Love changed Raj’s life, but Howard still won’t watch it.

8:01pm – Sheldon hasn’t seen the “Thriller” video all the way through because he doesn’t like the idea of zombies dancing also, it’s scary.

The guys are going to see the movie in theaters with an added 21 seconds, Penny’s not interested.

“If I could make you understand why this is such a cool thing, we’d still be together.” – Leonard. “No, no we wouldn’t.” – Penny.

“I’m guessing 21 seconds had something to do with that too.” – Raj through Howard.

8:06pm – The gang’s eat at Cheesecake Factory the day of the movie. It’s 5 o’clock and the movie doesn’t start till midnight, but he still wants to leave now to get tickets. Everyone else things they’ve got plenty of time.

Apparently Leonard didn’t have a very good time waiting in line for Star Trek Nemesis for 14 hours.

8:07pm – Amy says she’s siding with the group to gain status in them.

Leonard doesn’t like Howard and Bernadette’s olive knock knock joke, to which Howard responds “Knock knock.” – Howard. “Who’s there?” – Leonard. “I have a girlfriend and you don’t.” – Howard.

8:08pm – Bernadette and Penny are having a girl’s night to which Amy responds “I’m a girl.” She says she’s tight with Penny because they’re menses are syncronized.

8:09pm – Amy asks Penny about coming to Girl’s Night. Penny’s not excited, but she invites her.

They get to the theater and there’s a pretty big line. Sheldon has replaced “I told you so” with “I told you thusly.”8:10pm – We cut to the Girl’s Night and Amy’s talking about her unusually firm cervix. She has a real zinger about her tilted uterus. Penny explains that they don’t have to just talk about lady parts.

8:11pm – Amy’s really bad at girl talk. Amy has a feeling that either Penny or Bernadette will become her best friend forever.

Penny opens another bottle of wine, but Bernadette says she’s worried about driving home. Penny says she can crash. Amy says it’ll be a slumber party, her first ever. Penny agrees and then Amy hits her in the face with a pillow.

8:12pm – The guys are still in line. Howard apparently has, basically, a catheter in so he doesn’t have to leave to go to the bathroom.

Raj comes back and tells them they might not get in because there’s too many people in line.

8:13pm – Wil Wheaton rolls up. Sheldon refers to him as the Jar Jar Binks of the Star Trek universe. Some guy comes up and tells Wil and his friends they can go to the front of the line. Sheldon’s outraged.

8:19pm – The sleepover now involves Bernadette talking about Howard’s one, very long chest hair. Penny finishes painting Amy’s nails, she says they’re pretty and then

8:20pm – Sheldon’s reading Wil’s Twitter feed, saying it’s best to keep an eye on one’s enemies. Note that Leonard’s reading Eat, Pray, Love. He then answers a phone call and gets tricked into saying “I’m a total buttwad” by Penny.

8:21pm – Back at the slumber party, they move from crank phone calls to truth or dare thanks to a list on Wiki. Check the actual page out here. Amy asks Bernadette about some science fact and after being corrected, asks about the circumferance of her areolas.

8:22pm – The line gets cut off right as the guys get up to the door.  Sheldon sees a side door and jumps in, the others follow him, discussing which one is Short Round. 8:23pm – Amy tells “The Miller’s Tale” by Chaucer when dared to tell a dirty story. Penny goes with Truth and Bernadette asks her why she still hangs out with Leonard so much. Even Amy’s noticed it.

8:24pm – Penny says Leonard’s a great guy and they can still be friends. She says that Leonard got serious and she wasn’t ready for it. Amy asks what will happen if she’s ready and someone else realizies how great of a guy Leonard is. Penny storms out of the room and slams her door.

8:25pm – In the bowels of the theater, Sheldon comes out with the film cannisters. If he can’t see it, no one will. They make a break for it with Sheldon singing the theme song. Wheaton gets a mob to chase them down.

8:30pm – Amy and Bernadette are waiting while Penny’s in her bedroom. Amy reads that slumber parties also tend to involve experiments in lesbianism, so she goes into Penny’s room and does something naughty which Penny doesn’t seem to like.

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