Why Aren’t There Any Walking Dead Comic Commercials On AMC?

I’ve written before about comic boom commercials, more importantly the lack of them in the market, especially when comics are being adapted to film and now television. With Walking Dead‘s raging success on AMC and creator Robert Kirkman’s campaign for the betterment of comics, I’m more than a little surprised that we’re not seeing short spots or tags mentioning the comic. Now, I don’t need something like that weird Todd McFarlane commercial from the 90s where he was sitting on a throne talking about how Spawn was the best selling comic of all time (anyone else remember that? I don’t remember when it ran and can’t find it online, but I know it existed because it made me angry, not being a fan of Spawn or Image at the time), but would it be so hard to have the AMC voiceover guy say “For more Walking Dead, check out the comic every month in stores or through the Walking Dead app”? Seems like something that could easily be worked into the contract and wouldn’t cause too much trouble, but what do I know?

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