TJ’s Toy Chest: MOTUC Grizzlor

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I don’t add a lot of toys to my collection, it’s pretty much down to just DC Universe Classics and Masters of the Universe Classics with a few other purchases here and there. Lately, Mattel and the Four Horsemen have been absolutely murdering it when it comes to the MOTUC line. The last four figures I’ve gotten have been amazing. Chief Carnivus, Whiplash, Roboto and now Grizzlor. I don’t even know who Carnivus is, but I love that figure. Same goes for Roboto, a figure I was a huge fan of as a kid, but didn’t make it through my childhood. I’ve still got an arm here and there from him, but not the whole figure. I love figures with interior gears that you can see move. But this post is about Grizzlor, a character I don’t actually remember from childhood, but actually picked up the original figure last summer at a flea market. I knew I was in for a risk considering it’s a hairy figure and could have been covered in germs, but I bought it anyway.

When I got the new Grizzlor in the mail, it actually creeped the missus out and she didn’t want it even touch it, but I immediately fell in love with the figure. Just look at how crazy he is! I especially like the weird 90s Kid n Play hairdo he’s sporting. I had an immediate childhood flashback when I opened the figure to see the green monster crossbow thing. I have a ton of those in my toy box, but couldn’t remember which figures they belonged to. Fun stuff. With so many swords and weapons, I’m glad the Horsemen designed the back of the figure to hold all those figures. It makes him look way more badass.

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