Casting Internets

Swipe File indeed. This sure looks familiar… 😉

Good on Chris Rock. I actually saw him at a mall once, but he was just pumping quarters in those rides for his kids which is also pretty cool (via PopEater)

Writers and artists being in‘s top ten most depressed jobs list does not surprise me whatsoever. Trying to keep up a freelance career while staying creative is not easy. (via HuffPo)/Film says there might be a Transporter TV series. As there aren’t too many rad action shows on right now, I’m in full agreement of this idea.

/Film also told me about Fast and the Furious 5 which is called Fast Five and stars Vin Diesel and The Rock. I haven’t seen the last few installments, but I’m in for any movie where the Rock actually acts like a badass. I didn’t even know that these old Hellraiser comics existed. I’m not a huge fan of the film series, but I’m really curious to read Boom’s Master Works volume with stories by Neil Gaiman and Alex Ross. (via Robot 6)

A Jets coach tripped a Dolphin on a kick off yesterday. Yeah, that seems about their speed. If they can’t stumble backwards into a win, might as well cheat. (via HuffPo)

The Board Game Remix Kit sounds amazing. (via Super Punch)

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