Casting Internets

Haven’t seen a lot online that’s gotten me interested. Don’t really care about the X-Men: First Class images or the new Batman casting news (I’ll believe it when they start filming), so here’s what’s been on my radar lately.

Check out this list I wrote for Topless Robot about how Dark Skies is better than X-Files. I’m sure I’m getting crucified in the comments section, which is why I refuse to read them.

If you’re wondering what to watching on TV the rest of the week, check out my TV column on! Gotta love it when the TV Guide descriptions don’t exactly match up with the actual episode like this week’s How I Met Your Mother did.

If you haven’t been keeping up on my Tumblr you really should. Yesterday’s Ad It Up is pretty rad.

I’m in full support of collecting We3 in the Deluxe format, especially if it means including 10 new pages of story according to Vertigo. Seems like the best way to present such a visually interesting story.

Fabio Moon waxes poetic about writing and research for writing. In my experience he’s dead on.

Hey, Ricky Gervais might finally be appearing on the American Office as David Brent. Brilliant! (via TVLine)

And finally, a new way to pour beer (via Wired).

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