Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 4 “Free Snooki”

Wow, two new episodes of Jersey Shore in one day, it’s almost more than I can handle. I actually thought this post wouldn’t happen because the inlaws are visiting, but they wound up going to bed early so everything worked out. I gotta say, this episode was actually a lot more interesting that the previous one. We kick off right where the previous one ended with JWOWW calling Snooki’s dad to tell him what happened. She then has a bad call with Tom and transfers to a different call which happens to be the police calling to say they can pick Snooki off. There must have been a somewhat long period of time between the arrest and the call because JWOWW’s already wearing a “Free Snooki” T-shirt. All Snooki says was that she was embarrassed. You should be, you’ve been a drunken spoiled idiot all season. She calls her pops up and he threatens to come down and get her if this happens again. Later, in a girl talk session, JWOWW straight up tells Snooki that she thinks Snooks has this craving for love and thinks she’s getting it even from undeserving jerks. Later on she tells JWOWW she doens’t want to drink anymore. But pinot’s probably okay because pregnant ladies drink it. Enough of that nonsense. The funniest part of the episode involved Deena heading out to a club with Mike, Vinny and Pauly. They weren’t so sure about this because some of the other girls have a tendency to block their dealings with the ladies, but Deena might have made out with more girls than the guys. But it’s not until she finds a dude named Dean who looked an awful lot like Ronnie that things got interesting. She took him back to the house and the dudes just kept calling him Ronnie, even taking into the confessional and up to Ronnie and Sammi’s room where Ronnie says he knows the dude and that he has a girlfriend named Sam. That doesn’t stop him from getting in the hot tub with Deena, telling her he doesn’t have a girlfriend and spending the night with her (though Deena says she didn’t have sex with him). My favorite moment of the episode is when Pauly and Vinny were joking around that Deena was hooking up with Ronnie and that Sammi would be mad, then suggesting they write her an anonymous letter. Funny stuff. The episode has a lot of JWOWW going on what look like dates with Roger and her getting into fights with Tom on the phone. Ronnie points out that JWOWW’s a hypocrite for going out on dates with a dude and coming home and talking to Tom on the phone, saying he might give Tom a call up. JWOWW even gets Roger to bring a friend named Nick to set up with Snooki. After walking away from work and getting dragged back by the boss man, Snooki and JWOWW come home, get dressed and go out to the boardwalk with the fellas. That night, JWOWW takes Roger into the guest room and Snooki has Nick in her bed. There’s another awkward phone call with Tom where JWOWW does pretty much everything but straight up break up with him, talking about needing distance or whatever. I gotta say, she did him dirty on the show. Just from watching the show I’ve got no idea how Tom treated her. I guarantee there’s more going on here than we’ve seen, but using some problems as an excuse to sleep with another dude (even if it was just sleeping) is not okay. Of course, what Tom did after that is also not okay as he stole some shit from the house they shared and left the two dogs in the house with no AC. JWOWW seemed most upset about the dogs, but also wasn’t too happy that he took a watch that was a graduation gift and her hard drive, which I’m guessing had some risque pictures/video on it along with the things normal people have on hard drives.

Overall I liked this episode a lot. It had some great fun moments, funny moments and almost completely ignored Sammi and Ronnie which is a huge plus in my book. Plus. I wasn’t really looking forward to seeing an entire season of Snooki being drunk 24/7. That would just be sad, like Ruthie on Real World Hawaii.

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