Jersey Shore Season 3 Episode 3 “Where’s The Beach?”

Gah, I completely forgot that there was an episode of Jersey Shore on Monday, but I just caught it on MTV and figured I’d still do a post about it for all you voracious fans out there. I’m starting to wonder if the Real World model works out better with their rotating cast of characters each season than the Jersey Shore model. I’m sure there’s a sense with new  Real World cast members to live up to previous players or surpass them, but that’s more fun to watch for me personally than a chunk of the cast trying to live up to images they had in previous seasons. Snooki’s really the worst offender in my eyes. According to JWOWW and a few other cast members, Snooki had had spent most of her time in Jersey drunk off her ass. We see this to be the case when she steals a beer out of the T-shirt store mini fridge and tries to funnel it in a back room, but just seems so full of her “persona” that it’s getting incredibly old. Boy she sure loves to squeal and drink and poof and crave sex, doesn’t she?! Of course she does because she apparently forgot the beginning of the first season when she actually acted like a real person with some feelings and worries. Thank god we’re past that. Unfortunately, we’re not past all the Sammi/Ronnie bullshit. The episode kicked off with them fighting, but then by the time they hit the club the next day (?) they were all lovey dovey again. For what it’s worth, the fight this time was completely in Sammi’s head. She started pestering him saying she wanted to know what he did to which he responds with something like what do you think I did? It’s unclear if this is just a resurgence of Miami nonsense or if she thinks something happened in Jersey this time which is insane because they’ve only been there a few days and she doesn’t seem to have let him out of her site. Anyway, she apologizes to Snooki while working at the T-shirt shop and Deena when she gets home, but it doesn’t look like any bridges are being unburned with JWOWW. When the roomies went to the club this time around it was like a reunion party from the first season. We saw Paula the girl who fell down the steps with Mike (he brought her back to the house), the girl who came to the house to get her friend after a night with…one of the guys and best of all, Danielle, the chick who stalked Pauly. She even punched a camera! JWOWW also ran into an ex of hers named Roger who she was dancing all up on until the meddling girl came up and told her that he has a girlfriend. After that, Snooki and JWOWW ran up to a roped off upstairs area and danced terribly before JWOWW peed behind the bar. OH and Deena got kicked out for drunkenly dancing on a table she wasn’t supposed to be on.

Let’s see, what else? Vinny hooked up with a girl, but the one Pauly brought back didn’t want to hook up. Mike seems to have hooked up with Paula. Then Ronnie tried cooking a big chunk of frozen turkey burgers on the grill and actually seemed to have fun for the first time this whole season. I worry that Vinny’s getting a little too absorbed into the JS lifestyle because he actually seemed like a decent dude in the first season, but seems to be letting the fame get to him.

The episode ends with Snooki going to work wrapped in a blanket and wearing green slippers, bitching the whole time. While she’s supposed to be working, she ran over to do shots and buy fried pickles before getting caught by the bossman. After work she did shots with people at a bar, ran parallel to the beach yelling “where’s the beach?”, being chased by JWOWW and Deena and eventually arrested by cops for disorderly conduct. This all feels like an audition tape for her to be on Celebrity Rehab next year.

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