Casting Internets

I haven’t mentioned this yet, but I’m now a regular writer for CBR. My first piece went up on Friday, announcing Image’s Deadlands comics!

The first issue of Wizard World is up and I’m in it! Check out the interview I did with Todd McFarlane and Robert Kirkman about the Walking Dead toy line.

Also, peep this week’s Crossovers We Want To See at MTV Geek featuring the First Wave characters and Green Hornet.
Something called PaleyFest is having a Freaks & Geeks (amazing) and Undeclared (pretty fun) reunion. I want to own this poster. (via /Film)

Whoa, Quiet Earth says there’s a different, R-rated version of Cyborg out there with a rock score? Holy nards, I am in! If you want one, you can email the director at curnantpictures AT SYMBOL

The moving Conan The Barbarian poster is pretty rad, go check it out. The Beat‘s right, Michael Golden’s Crystal is nice art.

Wired‘s post about 10 Kinect hacks makes me wish I was better at hacking things. The closest I’ve ever gotten is memorizing the movie of the same name.

Even though Beau Smith‘s latest column is about guns, his mention of his grandfather and father running a jukebox and arcade game business makes me want to talk to him about that.

I just listened to Jeff Goldsmith‘s final Creative Screenwriting Magazine podcast. I never once read the mag, but I loved the interviews he’d do with various screenwriters. Hopefully he’s on to bigger and better. Good luck Jeff!

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