Casting Internets

I chatted with Jay Faerber about his new Image ongoing Near Death over on CBR. I also talked to the Last Mortal gang about their upcoming book. And finally, I talked to Nate Cosby and Ben McCool about Pigs.

Interviewing a wrestler isn’t usually a good way to make me envious, but my buddy Ben Morse got to talk to former Real Worlder The Miz for THAT’s a good way to make me jealous. Scott C did a Showdown I can’t help but repost/link to. High Fidelity is one of my favorite movies and books and this scenes is wonderful, as is the art.

Thomas P.M. Barnett’s translation of President Obama’s recent address regarding Libya on was pretty interesting.

Expendables 2 now has an August 17th, 2012 release date according to /Film. Now they just need a script, director, story and cast.

I had a great time reading about Ron Marz’s pitches that never made it to the shelves over on CBR.

I always knew that Super Mario Bros. 2 started life as another game, but Wired digs way deeper into that history. Really interesting stuff. Dan Hipp‘s Wookie vs. Predator art is rad.

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