Casting Internets

My CBR gig has been keeping me pretty busy. I’ve written about Screamland and Samurai’s Blood. I also took a look at all of Hank Pym’s comics for

Tim Barklay has the coolest Shelf Porn in a while, possibly ever. Not only does he have a converted garage dedicated to his geekdom, but he’s hand-built an NES controller coffee table AND a digital pinball machine (I think he could probably make some good coin selling these things).

I finally got around to reading Rolling Stone‘s 1994 cover story about the death of Kurt Cobain by Neil Strauss. Sad stuff. Kind of makes me want to watch Kurt and Courtney again.
ABC and Marvel are doing a Castle graphic novel written by Brian Michael Bendis, Kelly Sue Deconnick and drawn by Lan Medina. Hey, they even showed the cover on the mostly disappointing season finale last night! (via CBR)

Former co-worker Brett White did a killer job putting together the 9 Extremely Impractical Marvel Illustrated Swimsuits list for Topless Robot.

I can’t wait to see Rutger Hauer’s Hobo With A Shotgun. I’m even more excited after seeing these images on
Scott C did a Zapped Showdown!

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