Jersey Shore (Real World Jersey) 1-14-10 Part 2

Wow, I can’t believe I made it through both episodes. I still stand by my statement that more happens in one episode of Jersey Shore than whole months of the Real World and so far I’ve been right. Again, this live blog goes on for a while, so hit the jump for the full-on goodness.*So, JWOWW goes after him again and some private security people come in. Mike’s only still running his mouth because there were security guards.

*JWOWW calls her ex boyfriend after they get home and he wonders why she’s drinking so much and fighting and she yells at him. I wonder if there’s the same rules as Real World and she’ll have to leave.

*Haha, Mike’s getting upset with Vinny now. I would put money on Vinny in a fight actually. He’s scrappy. Mike doesn’t like confidence in other people.

*Sammi, you are wrong, Mike is not “better than that.”

*Huh, Vinny and Pauly are hanging out without Mike, that’s like the first time I’ve ever seen that. They’re with three girls, then the Israeli girl shows up and makes it awkward.

*Ah, Snooki’s back with the farmer. She LOVES dancing in places where no one else is dancing.

*Gah, the Israeli girl just popped up out of nowhere. I think she’s a ghost. Chick, he’s just not that into you.

*”I’m not trashy…unless I drink too much.” – Snooki, said VERY dignified-like.

*I’m with Vinny, I would not go on that crazy-ass ride. Haha, as they get off the Israeli chick is back. This is nuts.

*Haha, Vinny doing a Mike impression is pretty fantastic. Not a good imitation, but hilarious.

*Now the girls is phone stalking them. Plus, she knew the roommates by their names and voices. Crazy.

*Now, Mike thinks it’s a good idea to put pickles in Snooki’s room. Ugh. And now he’s making something even nastier for Vinny.

*Haha, I KNEW Snooki would be more upset about them wasting pickles than putting them in her room.

*Everyone’s super excited the next morning when Pauly takes the Israeli girl’s phone call. She’s ranting and he just keeps repeated “Is it my time to talk yet?” He gives her the shit back and then hangs up on her. Good riddance to crazy rubbish.

*Oh Mike, leave Sammi alone, she’s not into you. Jesus, he thinks he’s so smart putting shit in Vinny’s room.

*Now they’re bowling and JWOWW’s trying to apologize to Mike. Or they’re at least talking about it. “I know you look to me as a father figure.” – Mike to JWOWW. Wow.

*Wow, Vinny’s laying it out on the line with Mike, telling him why he fucks with him. And then Ronnie tells him he thinks he’s a d-bag.

*”You don’t see me attacking anyone.” – Mike. Really, ask Snooki about that.

*Ronnie sounds like he’s watched too much Oprah while talking to Mike, until he starts talking about Sammi.

*”Neither does he know me neither.” – Mike.

*Now Mike is saying that he already hooked up with Sammi, but she doesn’t say anything, though viewers of the aftershow know that they DID hook up.

*I really wonder what their definition of “hook up” is.

*Whoa, Snooki’s pink corset outfit is nutzo crazytown.

*Haha, the Israeli chick shows up again. Why does she keep coming back and talking to him.

*Haha, aww, poor Snooki. She was showing her ass and making out with a guy on the couch until the dude’s girlfriend’s friends came over and told her he had a girlfriend and she was right behind them.

*Wait, why is Pauly leaving with that crazy chick?! A challenge is one thing, but potential knife murder is another.

*Wow, the dude Snooki’s leaving with his totally weird. Tall, pale, weird facial hair.

*So, they’re leaving and some girl starts talking shit to Snooki, which brings out all kinds of other shit talking. Some dude starts giving Ronnie shit. Security separates them, then the dude comes back, Ronnie runs after him, apparently punches the dude and skips away saying “That was one shot!” The camera then shows the dude and he looks dead on the ground. Well done Ronnie.

*Okay, he’s not dead. That’s good. How do the cops know Ronnie’s name? Ronnie’s totally lying to the cops while saying “I wouldn’t lie to you.” It’s not self defense when you run after a dude and knock him unconscious.

*The episode ends with the girls going to the cops to get Ronnie and some rad previews for next week’s season finale. I can’t believe it’s ending!!!

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