Roseanne Comics Cavalcade: Cyberella

This is another pic I snapped while watching the Roseanne series finale. Roseanne’s talking to DJ down in the basement room which is now his. Over Roseanne’s right shoulder you can see the handle of a lightsaber. There was a plot in one of the last two seasons where DJ and his girlfriend kept trying to see the Star Wars re-releases and failing. But, more importantly (at least as far as the title of this post goes), you can see a Cyberella poster over Roseanne’s other shoulder. Cyberella was a comic by Howard Chaykin and Don Cameron that came out from the short-lived Helix imprint from DC. It was intended as a more sci-fi oriented subdivision and is post famous for spawning Warren Ellis’ Transmetropolitan. For a full rundown of Helix titles, check out the Wiki page. Anyway, I never read Cyberella, but I liked the image. Anyway, the poster is just a bigger image of the cover to #1. Anyone read it?

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