Real World Watcher: D.C. Episode 12

After one of the most hate-able episodes of Real World two weeks ago and then a pretty good palette cleanser last week, tonight’s episode just fell kind of flat. This is probably because it starred two of my least favorite people on the show taking up most of the screen time. In one of the two main storylines Andrew actually busts down some doors at local DC papers and gets some face time with some presumably big deal cartoonists and editors. He even gets the chance to trail a reporter to a White House press conference which is kind of shocking because, from what I’ve seen of his art, it’s very basic and not very interesting. Anyway, Andrew ends up lying to his editor in an effort to get more time to get a poitical cartoon in. He does and actually shows some interesting style, but he straight-up says that he’s not very political, which would seem to be a fairly important aspect of being a political cartoonist.

The bigger and far more annoying part of the episode revolves around Erika and her boyfriend visiting. She basically spends 45 minutes of airtime bitching about how much she wants to go home. She says she’s going to go home, but no one’s really convinced. Then she talks to her boyfriend and walks into the hot tub room to tell everyone she’s staying. My favorite part of the whole episode is when Ashley just storms out of the room saying she can’t handle this shit anymore. After Callie and Emily give her some shit for not making any decisions on her own without her boyfriend (who she’s only been dating for two months) she flips the script and then decides to leave anyway. Good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. I wonder if they’ll bring someone else in or just let them roll on their own with ONLY 7 people.

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