Real World Watcher: D.C. Finale

Unlike last week’s long post which didn’t go up until midnight, I’m going to break up the season finale and cast reunion special up into to posts. Overall, I can’t say I particularly enjoyed this season. I feel like my emotions were toyed with a bit too much by the editors. Were the dudes (minus Mike) really as bad as they seemed in the middle of the season (as I commented on almost completely throughout my posts) or were their worst moments put on screen to get me to dislike them only for the story editors to not-so-much redeem them, but make them more likable later on? I’m really not sure. They did some pretty bad stuff and Andrew still annoys the hell out of me, but they clearly lightened up on all that towards the end of the season so we could all leave on a happy note. And this was a pretty good episode, actually, maybe the best of the season because they actually did stuff like put on an art show, attend a gay pride parade when Mike and his dad actually talked to a protester and they played truth or dare. And of course, they said goodbye. These used to really get me when I was younger, but I’m either not as invested or have become less of a softy. I’m guessing it’s the investment thing because I think I got a little choked up during the goodbyes of the Brooklyn cast. Anyway, I didn’t necessarily live blog this episode, but I did jot down my thoughts, so here we go. Come back in an hour for a post about the reuinion special.

*It’s cool that they’re doing an art show. Andrew even made me laugh when he said Subway could cater. His slowness in painting is annoying.

*Ty’s a douche for saying photography is easy. At least he apologizes later. It’s cool that people are buying Callie’s pics.

*I’m kind of surprised they didn’t have Josh’s band play.

*Uh oh, drunk Mike is flirting/fake fighting with another dude. He’s bleeding!

*Mike’s dad convincing him to go back and talk to the protestor at the gay pride rally was actually really cool.

*I knew Andrew saying he was going to dump his girlfriend Andrea was bullshit. Her moving out there for him is a little crazy though.

*Hey, they’re playing truth or dare on camera! They said how often they plaid this on The Shit They Shoulda Shown last week.

*I feel bad for Emily because she doesn’t seem to have a home to return to. I wonder what she’ll do.

*I’m surprised that no one has decided to stay in DC. Usually there’s one or two.

*Josh is first to go. Then Callie. Then Andrew (who calls the roommates “very special people”). Then Ashley (Mike offers her his house for family). Then Ty. Then Mike and finally Emily. It must really suck to be the last person left in the house. I think I’d get all misty.

*Ty talks about needing to connect to himself which is cool. It’s good to hear him acknowledging he wants to change (nobody’s perfect).

*Emily’s list of things she’ll miss reminds me of leaving for college, leaving college and leaving Toledo.


*Click here, for my live blog of the reunion special.

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