So Fresh & So Meat: Episode 2

Wow, this episode of Fresh Meat 2 might not have ended how I wanted it to, but I absolutely love the fact that these people are finally using some smarts when it comes to voting people into the exile. Putting some newbie with no friends or connections in early IS STUPID. You want to cut out the strong players and keep the weak ones around so you can pick them off yourself. It’s child’s play. I wonder if Wes took a Game Theory class or something. Here’s my live blog!

*Whoa, that’s like a porno food fight between Carley and Ev.

*Paula calling people gross and weird is weird.

*Ev and Wes have formed an alliance, makes sense.

*The challenge is pretty crazy, with partners diving under the water and passing a chest from one to the other. You get DQed if both people are above water at the same time or the chest hits the bottom again.

*Jilian isn’t even competing. What a punk ass.

*Laurel’s got the right idea bringing the box up as far as it will go and then trading off from there.

*Now it’s down to Kenny and Laurel and Landon and Carley. Come on Landon! THEY WON!

*Landon’s a wild card. It would be ingenious if they threw Wes and his partner in and then got everyone else to vote for Kenny and Laurel. That would be intense.

*Theresa definitely doesn’t have her head in the game.

*Ooh, good idea Ev, throwing Sarah in against Kenny. Landon agrees saying that they’re allied, basically that they won’t call each other in.

*I love seeing Kenny squirm.

*It’s amazing that this is the first time that they’re throwing the stronger people in early.

*Now Kenny’s trying to go out and get votes against Wes. Kenny says if he does get sent in and comes back, all alliances are off between him and Wes and Danny.

*It’s hilarious that Kenny’s getting all upset at other people for trying to get him out of the game IN THE EXACT SAME WAYS HE DID IN OTHER SEASONS.

*Now it’s a count off between who’s going to vote with Wes and who’s going to vote with Kenny.

*YES. Landon throws Kenny and Laurel in. 
*It’s interesting that the people thrown in can’t vote.

*Gotta love that even Katelynn voted for her former roommate Sarah.

*Aww Noor actually plays fair by throwing in people who played the challenge poorly.

*Oh Kenny, this is what happens after five seasons of being a total douchebag.

*Yeah! It’s the time when all the people who aren’t’ going in get to get drunk and have fun while the exile-ees try and take it easy.

*Vinny sounds like such a big dumb animal.

*Why is Sarah being such a bitch to Ev? Ev’s not someone you want on your bad side.

*Has Kenny ever had to do a non-final challenge?

*Kenny and Laurel get the first puzzle done first, but Sarah and Vinny are pretty close behind.

*Hey, big surprise, Sarah’s crumbling under the weight. I bet Kenny told her he’d sleep with her if she threw the exile.
*Now Vinny’s losing his head.

*Kenny and Laurel get to the second puzzle first and then solve it. Sarah and Vinny are way behind. After this one they get to drop some weight.

*Kenny and Laurel are way head and finish the third puzzle pretty quickly. Well, it wasn’t the upset I wanted, but at least it’ll make the rest of the season interesting between Wes and Kenny. Expect a lot of both of them going into exile.

*Man, Laurel’s getting rough with Kenny. “Put it on your back and walk through the pain!”

*At the next point they get to drop the weight, but still have to carry the buckets and sticks.

*Yeah, of course Kenny and Laurel win, but it took them and hour and 20 minutes. This definitely takes a chunk out of Kenny’s alliance.

*Well, at least Kenny has proven himself a little. Now he’s talking shit, but Wes is right, he’s got more people on his side. The only thing Kenny can hope for is to actually win the challenges.

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