So Fresh & So Meat: Episode 3

Sweet Christmas, this was a great episode. You’ve got a pretty great surprise combination in the exile and even better stuff all around. Just read the live blog!!!

*Aww Kenny, you think Paula and Ryan are your friends? That’s cute.

*It’s smart to keep Paula around because she’s easy to take out. Good thinking Wes and his team.

*Ugh, there’s still nonsense between Wes and Kenny over Theresea who seems to be in Wes’s camp now.

*Ooh, there’s conflict between Paula and her partner Jeff. Paula would be WISE to get down with Wes. Kenny’s a sinking ship.

*The challenge of them going across an elevated platform with hanging sticks is crazy and has been in every preview of the series. Landon and his partner get to pick who goes first and they put Kenny and his partner. Unfortunately they get across pretty damn quickly.

*Damn, Paula, Jilian and Ryan get DQed which takes out most of Kenny’s constituents.

*Jenn and Noor are the next team to not get DQed.

*Katelynn and her partner get DQed, so does Danny and his partner.

*Haha, of course Wes bitches about the ladies screwing things up for the dudes.

*CJ and Sydney seem to be doing well until she falls.

*Ugh, Wes thinks he can put Mandi on his back and swing across which puts thm out immediately.

*Now Ev and Pete are booking ass across the course.

*Landon and his partner are DQed.

*Damn, Kenny and Laurel won it. I’m guessing they put Wes and his partner in, but Wes will get everyone else to put Paula in which should be a pretty easy victory.

*Jeez, mow Ev’s partner Luke is saying how it might not be a good time for him to be thrown into the exile. SHUT UP BRO.

*Okay, Kenny and Laurel choose…of course there’s a commercial break…they send in Ev and Luke.

*Damn, now the others choose to send in. Jenn votes for Wes while everyone else is either choosing between Paula and her Partner and Landon and his partner.

*It ends up being between Ev and Luke and Paula and Jeff.

*”It’s a scary day when Kenny starts making intelligent decisions.” – Wes

*Hahahaha, Paula thinks she’s got this wrapped up. Girl, you’re the one who CRIES!

*Now Kenny’s telling Wes that Theresea tried to get with him first. Danny corroborates. That dude’s playing all sides at this point isn’t he?

*Gah, now Mandi’s getting into it with Jenn. Jenn thinks she’s hot shit because she’s Old Meat. Ah yeah, this is when Jenn punches her and most likely gets kicked¬† off the show. Commercial break, we shall see.

*Now Jenn is just spouting nonsense while Wes takes Mandi out of the room.

*Jenn messed up by making it personal with Wes. Now she’s a target. But Wes now tells Mandi that Jenn is actually in on his alliance with some stipulations including that Jenn and her partner will vote against Wes for two deliberations. Well played Wes.

*Wes actually made plans with Jenn before they got there to get her in on Kenny’s side. But now it’s questionable whether she’s actually playing both sides or is on Kenny’s side.

*Ev is right, it would be a disgrace to loose to Paula and Jeff. YOU ARE EV!!!

*Ryan has totally hitched his horse to the wrong post when it comes to teaming up with Paula and Kenny. Later bro.

*Come on Luke, time to prove yourself.

*Now we’re in the exile and Ev and Luke finish first. Whew. Paula and Luke finish it, but later.

*Did Paula and Jeff get to the next puzzle before Ev and Luke? Jeff bites it.

*I’m all shades of confused. I’m hoping that Ev and Luke clearly won and they’re just trying to edit in drama.

*Is it possible that Paula and her partner are ahead of Ev and her partner?

*Whoa, Ev actually picks up Luke’s heavy ass back pack. NICE!

*They’re doing that thing again where they cut the people coming back in the van and then cut back to the race itself to see who actually wins.

*YES! It was Ev and Luke!!!

*Hahah, Paula feels bad because she let Kenny down! HE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU AT ALL PAULA!!!

*Damn you MTV and your tricky editing.


*I would even put Ev and Luke above Kenny and Mandi at this point.

*Hahah, Kenny calls Ryan and Theresea worthless.

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